TOP 4 Anti-Freedom Moves By Trump THIS WEEK (Freedom Minute)

Josh Sigurdson does another quick Freedom Minute update! This time, Josh digs into the top 4 anti-freedom moves by Trump in the past week. There have been a number of alarming power grabs or at least bad jokes in the last week of American politics as Trump according to his supporters plays “5342D chess and backgammon”.
4. A 25% tariff on steel! Interestingly his billionaire friend Carl Icahn pulled 31 million dollars in steel-linked stocks just before Trump made the announcement. This tariff is essentially a tax on Americans more than anything.

3. Trump stated that Americans should start looking at a death penalty for drug dealers. What an absurd statement. It doesn’t help that his administration, especially under Jeff Sessions is ramping up the war on drugs.

2. Gun control. During the election, Trump claimed that he was considering a ban on those on the no-fly list owning guns. In recent weeks he’s talked about banning the bump-stock, possibly banning “assault rifles” and then, most notably, he said this”
“A lot of times, by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures. Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

1. Trump recently congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping on basically declaring himself President for life and then went on to say that perhaps the U.S. should give that a try some day.

Now there’s a mixture of joking, jest and being completely serious. It appears that Trump just repeats what the last smarter person tells him. This isn’t a game of 4D chess or backgammon, this is deception and statism. The continuity of the global collectivist order. The military industrial complex. The central banking cartel. The apathy of the masses under the spell of statism, believing a president will change things for them as if the President personally has any say. This is the establishment and the grand deception.
Rule yourself and stop falling for the tricks of politics.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • Martin Hunt

    Grand solar minimum on our sun and EARTHS poles are moving slowly already and could flip ice age has STARTED already it’s going to get crazy over next few years the main stream news is not telling you all and they have their bunkers all over all ready for ice age and De population ECT food prices are going up and will go up fast this year and I would stock up on food while you can all the best Martin be safe STOCK UP on food clean water it’s going to get crazy

  • Cryptobengal

    yeah don’t talk about Netanyahu, you might not get your paycheck, from the ADL.. wake up people. this guy is the pied piper

  • Sandor Daroci

    hehe… just more prove that US is an empire, not republic. but, still I do not trust any of US/foreign MSM.

  • Ged Ged

    The world is very lucky to have trump ur struggling to find anything against him .concentrate on the real crook in charge of canada

  • Kathie Dougherty

    Apparently you don’t read the Q drops everything Trump does is strategic with many high ranking officials worldwide to get the public to expose information that gets ignored by MSM or counting on our public officials (what a joke) So don’t believe everything you read or see putting out this detracts from trying to put America back on track to our Constitution & out of the hand s of those who wish us harm as this HATE speech PSYOPS is going authoritarian/ totalitarian to a point of loss of 1st & 2nd A & then they all go.

  • Martmi29

    Look, unless Trump actually signs something that changes the law, I don’t care what he says. #1-3 are just rhetoric. Back in Jan Trump said he was going to sign whatever they gave him on immigration. Then when they sent him the bill he said no. Pay attention to his actions more than his words. #4 is arguable. Maybe he’s aware of some things that you are not? I would like to learn more about Trudeau.

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