Cannabis Legalization Is A LIE – The NEW Form Of Prohibition

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about the truth about Canadian cannabis legalization as Trudeau’s Liberal government monopolizes the market and enforces further forms of prohibition while pretending as though they gave people “freedom.”
Legalization is simply government taking away a right and then giving it back at a price. That price being extortion and vast regulations. As prices in many places go up and mom and pop shops get raided or go under, the government is not an easy business to compete against and that is being seen across the board in Canada. When the Canadian government steals peoples’ money in order to fund their business, it is far more difficult to compete and all the while they are using it as a control complex as they push for DNA roadside tests and imprison people for as much as 14 years for selling to someone under the age of 18. So An 18 year old sells to a 17 year old and they can face 14 years in prison? The whole process of legalization in Canada is an absolute lie and Dan Dicks breaks it down for people to understand.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Dan Dicks
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • NO Expectations

    I have always been against legislation because of this it was obviously going to be over priced and taxed when the government became involved.This now means anyone caught growing illegally will have tax evasion added to their charges which is a nasty charge to face.
    Decriminalisation not legislation.

  • ArtER21

    I live in small town Alberta, don’t smoke pot any more but have paid attention , on the day of legalization I searched what was happening in my town, far as I could tell there where 5 approvals by the town , there was signage in some of the locations , there was seeming intention to open these business , and zero opened , our first store just opened at the start of this month , so I got curious again and searched into that , apparently the one store that  managed to open also had opened stores  in I think two other small towns , as well as scheduled openings in other small towns across the province. someone I know in town said to me that one of the unopened stores that I think still has signage has still not received full licensing and that the reason was there was as stop on licensing because of product unavailability ( have no way to know that for sure). would seem suspicious that none of the small business in town have managed to open and the first one that did was big enough to span a bunch of small towns, the ‘supply shortage’ also seems pretty suspicious just because it serves to raise the prices and changes the landscape for the small business attempts. of coarse the MSM does not talk about all the places that never opened , but they never miss a chance to make a big picture on the front page with yet another story of supply shortage , there was even a big huge insert called ‘the cannabis post’ and I am forced to point out to people that that is not news , it is advertising… I think as people drive through the Christmas check stop and get cheek swabbed they may just start to catch on…

  • Dave F

    There is NO mandatory cannabis roadside testing. BUT , let us not forget changing impaired driving laws around mandatory breathalyzer testing, which not only violates the man made rights we have (like being free from unreasonable search and seizure) – but is an immoral transgression against our Natural Law rights, which are the same for everyone, everywhere. This was brought in as part of marijuana legalization. With mandatory breathalyzer testing for alcohol in place, it won’t be long before they have a propaganda campaign to do the same for pot. Currently, saliva swabs for cannabis impairment are not mandatory. They still need reasonable suspicion, hence the push to train more “drug recognition” officers. More tax money spent to enforce our rights being taken away. Alcohol breathalyzer testing is now mandatory without reasonable cause, due to bill C-46 I think it was and the changing of impaired driving laws. We are going down the slippery slope now….

  • Truth the new Hate speech

    If you thought the government didn’t want a full monopoly on dope , just like booze, you’ve been smoking to much of the shit! ?

  • Katie Johnson

    I do believe Legalization is the right move, however, it seems like the government is still desperately trying to figure things out, and does not have a ton of knowledge about the drug and its effects. The legal prices are grossly higher than Mom and Pop shops, and the quality is nowhere near what the “illegal” stores carry. Do you believe that legal marijuana stores and the governments’ regulations will get better in time? Or do you think Legalization was the wrong move?

  • James the Ponderer

    I heard years ago that our government was the biggest holder of pot stocks. And then they use it against the public with laws to fine or jail people.

  • Marc Swanson

    If one consumes the product regularly then freedom to travel technically forfeited? Furthermore, all drivers are now placed at risk of mandatory mouth swabs with horrific consequences for noncompliance? Pot is now legal provided it’s the government’s pot sold at the government’s asking price? Is this a sick joke? Talk about one step ahead two steps back! This isn’t legalization but rather prohibition and criminalization imposed through burdensome regulation and nanny state oversight.

  • warren anderson

    Canadian Cannabis shouldn’t cost us anymore than $10.00/gram for “the good stuff” (26%THC)

    28 grams per ounce = $280.00
    07 grams per quarter Oz.= $70.00
    3.5 grams per eighth Oz. = $35.00.

    That’s still $50.00 per Oz. on average higher than what my “street dealer” charges me for premium product delivered right to my door.

  • Lightning Rod

    it is NOT profit driven, It is a method for population control. We made it MORE criminal AND invasive. It is part of a larger agenda. As the Ecosystem collapses and the Economy fails, YOU will be under arrest, on the run or in jail. It is illegal to be broke.
    When the Laws of a Society no longer reflect the REALITY’S of that society, ………….YOU fill in the blank

  • D33Lux xx

    Idiots who voted liberal for pot you just screwed yourselves and sent the rest of us to hell with you. Choke on your pot and drop dead you fucking idiots!

    No pig shit cop is going to swab me with anything. Police are acting like nazi gestapo. Who has the patent on human life? Who has ownership over a sovereign human being?

    This country is becoming the 4th Reich. Disgusting! People are such cowards groveling to police and politicians, you deserve your slavery.

  • Jimmy Butler

    Nice to see that some think for them selves, that if it is legalized they will change not only that you can have it but it will be changed so you loose the good benefit of the plants, because they want you to stay under their control and keep big pharma in control of it use. Even trying to say it is not the same plant right?

  • Sean W

    The cannabis legalization is all a distraction. They get you hooked on a drug, but don’t look at the market or pay attention to your surroundings, just get high on your bean bag. It’s all a ploy to deem you mentally unstable or unhealthy, the gov swoops in and takes your guns or rights away. Look at Pennsylvania, if you get pulled over and present your medical card it is an automatic DUI. This is all by design to weaken the individual. Not hating on the plant, just the socialism driven agenda behind big pharma and our gov.

  • BaRKoDe Data Matrix

    Oh it’s bad.. I live in a small city with a 52k population in Ontario. The municipality is pushing for LOTS of independent small businesses that have to compete at base value and rely on the producers and provincial government to set the price. And in a small town where people are barely making enough money to pay their bills..I don’t think they can pay twice the amount for this game. Especially when the quality has been drastically reduced.

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