How Crypto Can OVERTHROW Governments! – Evolution NOT Revolution (with Sterlin Lujan)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Sterlin Lujan of about how to achieve anarchy without a single shot fired.
For a millennia, people have always reverted to revolution rather than evolution. This has continuously lead to the rise of new empires like Stalin and Mao. What if the market could decide the fate of freedom? In the modern age, it can.
With the rise of cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchain infrastructure technology, we are for the first time seeing real solutions teamed with the age of information. With a competing currency system outside of the US world reserve currency system, we can overthrow the banking system and much of the control the state has over the individual. Secondly, the infrastructure of blockchain technology also allows for the market to replace basically every function of government with decentralized solutions. Imagine basic income or health care without the use of extortion.
With all of this said, many would be concerned by the complete lack of education we see today, with complete indoctrination from the public school system as well as the media. Well worry not. People do not need to be entirely educated and on the same page for the change of the guard. Regardless of the public view. Regardless of the flavor of collectivism people are fighting for, the blockchain infrastructure and cryptocurrencies of the world will develop. Without people attacking each other, this technology will replace what we have today, simply by efficiency and convenience.

Of course we should always be weary of the term convenience as much of the tyranny of the world comes to us under that thin veil. It’s simple… Understand the difference between centralization and decentralization. As governments of the world attempt to create a centrally planned cashless society and desperately try to stop the decentralized currencies, it is quite futile and far more of a short term problem. The government is always less efficient than the market as the market develops and creates solutions for government on a regular basis. Laws cannot stop ideas, they can only temporarily slow them down.

We appreciate the great work of Sterlin Lujan and his thoughts on this evolving market. We can be free, we have solutions, the future looks bright.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Sterlin Lujan
Josh Sigurdson

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  • Russell Nash

    Sterlin Lujan is an intellectual giant! The man is awesome. I read something he wrote about psychiatry, which was how I was introduced to him.

  • Truth Seeker

    Crypto was funded by the same private bankers who brought us the FED and fiat. They self regulate before the public can actually change the power/debt dynamics we know their playbook

  • boycott liberals

    While there is much validity and attractiveness to the subject of block chain and decentralized digital currency but I have to seriously question the whole model of blockchain when JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and various alphabet agencies are ALSO using their own proprietary blockchain for their OWN nefarious intentions highly likely making the concept a digital Trojan Horse, used to overthrow and further enslave us.
    I see you touched on this in the interview, well done…

    What say ye to this Sterlin and W. A. M.?

  • Utkarsh Anand

    India is not cashless. That was the government’s narrative, along with a few others, when they planned demonetization but it turned out to be a massive failure and also weakened rupee against dollar. According to the latest statistics, there are now more cash notes in circulation than there were, before demonetization.

  • hal us

    inequality happens when one group of individuals grants themselves with more rights and privileges than others, then others are violated in their lesser rights to be free and then slavery happens. usually these things are expressed as bursts of violence, racism, gender inequality, minority/majority politics, poverty and ignorance in financial terrorism and educational corruption, war and systemic genocide in physical destruction and abuse in monopoly on the application of violence against the lesser others. decentralized local monetary systems are probably just fine, but guberment controlled digital bit currencies can never defeat guberments. guberment is a force unto itself, its financial assets can not be used against guberment, that’s a logical fallacy.

  • 4Guess

    my question is… you keep talking about Venezuela and how they use dash and that its been so amazing for them… but what i want to know it with what little money they already do have and with how much crypto has dropped in value over the last bunch of months, how are those Venezuelans not gone broke in believing in crypto???

  • jamie alton

    As much as I’d love crypto to be the solution to overthrowing government, it just can’t.
    It’s still being traded for fiat and government can produce all the fiat it needs to buy up or dump crypto currency.
    It can also lock up anyone caught using it. It can infiltrate exchanges, disrupt the internet etc.
    The solution to government is philosophy and a state of mind, not money.
    Just try moving earnings out of China with crypto for an example.

  • Knowledge Extra Power

    Crypto “Can” OVERTHROW Governments, and Fat people “can” lose weight…

    Cripto taking over government would be horrific.
    We would probably see a Jeff Bezos take control.

  • ndudman8

    Moneor, or other truley private crypto might not be so comfortable to goverment control, so perhaps they didnt’ support or fund those ?

  • sunwarz

    It could overthrow governments, even the global government only if they want it too, who is in control of whether the power grids or internet of things stays up or down, what if one day they flick a switch and your phone or computer just plain won’t connect! Who is in control of that? Even miners shut down? Don’t be so naive, and put everything in one basket! Just know that if block chain is what they want, it won’t be shut down, if they do want it off, it will be shut off! Use it while you can but in the end either way, it will either enslave you all over again, or drain you of all resources! Nothing physical to trade or buy with will force you into desperation!

  • Metal4Detecting

    Crypto is a joke . This guy is a fool if he thinks he can topple a government with a fantasy . Ten seconds after the extortionists feel the threat of a crypto currency . They will flip the power switch and make you a slave .

  • Erick

    Cryptocurrency is an attempt to put a plaster on a bullet wound that’s haemorrhaging and hoping for the best instead of biting down on a towel while someone stitches it up.
    How will crypto solve so many more of the issues that we are facing? Eg. Never ending war against the Middle East, false flags, depopulation, vaccines… I only scratches the surface.

    The current system works by enslaving us all into debt. These debts will never be wiped unless the system as a whole is “reset” by means of revolution. Why? Those in power will never allow outstanding debts to be forgotten. The only solution is to take the power away from those who are using it to entrap humans and that can only be done through revolution.

    Research the Revolutions of 1848 that began in Paris – when people revolt, the people in power give us what we want because they know *the people have the power*.┬áBut, what’s happening at the minute is intelligent humans (like Sterlin Lujan) are developing the bitcoin technology (with good intentions), but, they’re doing it without realising that as soon as the technology is perfected, the government will simply come out with their own ‘version” which is a rip-off, offers a false sense of security and is just another means to control the population.
    The big difference between the governments version and any other privately developed version is going to be that the governments version will be forced upon the people. This will lead to more people using government-backed crypto, generating more data at a much faster rate, allowing the government to identify possible flaws to crypto as a whole faster than other companies, leading to the government developing a newer system which appears to by crypto, but is just another trap like the Federal Reserve.

    Power to the people.

  • Matt McLaren

    Ya governments will have to issue crypto bonds to raise funds to complete projects like road work and building schools public services salaries, etc…

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