Sorry, I Was Wrong About 5g

Derrick Broze admits he was wrong about the dangers related to the 5g technology rollout.


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  • William F Dunlap

    Appreciate your work. Have you been checking out Truthstream Media recently? They’ve done some really good investigations on non-ionizing radiation and 5g.

  • Jay Garth Jr

    Profits over proven scientific discovery…Amazing, surprised? Not at all. Oligarchical rule >Technocratic $$ Theocracy < Conclusion: 5G is 'safe' hmmmm And will not be used to spy on us? Never.

  • mads max

    Sigh….. I live right next to an ATT pole that supplies the neighborhood. They will probably add this 5g shit…. I am barely 50 feet away from it already, i dunno what to do anymore. I had to go thru the tsa machine in miami because i was going to miss my connection flight so I didn’t argue. Then they made me go thru twice because they said it didn’t work the first time, and when I argued and said no, tsa all surrounded me, and the people in the line started getting mad saying i was wasting everyone’s time. I couldn’t sleep for almost a week thinking about it…. I am so upset, I really don’t know what to do anymore. I want to relocate to South America or something, i cant stand this shit anymore. I dont want to leave but I don’t feel like i have a choice. I dont know if i can leave my parents behind but they don’t understand what we are dealing with.

  • Felipe Martinez

    I also got negative feedback when I brought it to the attention of my neighborhood through Nextdoor app. I was told that light bulbs give of radiation and fridges do too and my response was ok but I’m not pressing a light bulb against my head nor the fridge. I was also told that I wear a tin foil hat. All the negative feedback is just fear of the truth and not wanting to accept it. I am starting to see more cell or Gwen towers pop up in my neighborhood but am not 100% sure if they will be for 5G. I will still bring this up to my neighbors so thank you Derek for all the info you share!

  • Gary Russ

    The other day I saw a 5G antenna on the top of a giant cross on the grounds of a church. Let’s cut to the chase, materialism, and it’s hired lackey, government is the real enemy.

    Microwaves came out about the same time as cancer started being a big deal.

  • Aaron Spencer Beaulieu

    I have no idea why you’re wasting your precious time, they have laws protecting this, you can’t fight this, you might as well take Monsanto to court to fight gmo!

  • slightly inconvenienced

    Any 5g system’s that are erected in my area shall be taken out ,removed or just filled with battery acid . My neighbours and I have already discussed this in community meetings.
    We don’t believe that this system is safe .

  • Felix Fischer

    Im still with you guy! Why don’t they go ask the people WHO RIGHT NOW live within 200 ft. Of them about health problems. And I bet change of options will happen.!

  • Aaron Spencer Beaulieu

    I definitely applaud you, I really appreciate your effort, it’s admirable, but I think you should apply your energy elsewhere. I used to think this was a huge issue until I realized how many unbelievably horrific things happening…. The rabbit hole goes infinitely in, I swear God is the one relevant topic left.


    I no longer use a cell phone but these phones come with a warning to keep the phone at a short distance from your ear to protect against radiation emitted by the phone for health reasons. Seems a open and shut case.

  • hima gain

    I agree most of us are no match for scientific debate concerning the ill effects of 5g but what we have is an awakened awareness that something is way freaking wrong , it just ain’t like it aught to be!! Keep in mind these scientific experts promoting 5g and their ilk will tell you “Oswald” acted alone and planes hit the towers and the towers fell down ? People like this are ” in the tank” spook wannabes u might say.Not a scientist I am a theologian and this is what imo is what to worry about,loosing your soul (( free will) ! From what I am hearing and in a biblical rendering is this…. 5g ( millimeter wave military grade weaponry!) is the apparatus ( the image” of the beast system of control) run by AI for the eventual mandatory transhumanism of all who consent ( worship) and will be required to take the chip- mark or tat in order to by and sell the internet of things, smart living! Or put simply total enslavement !! Trump fast tracking 5g ( giving it life” rev 13) gives the appearance of being ” the false prophet” ( out of ignorance imo) none the less an apparent fool for the developer of 5g the “Israellie” WHO are NOT using 5g on their own is largely suspect of Antima, duh.. Anthony Patch great info ,

  • Soul Journey

    I am in Indianapolis and they just went live with 5G and it’s a HUGE disappointment that Indy went along with it. And as so many here in this comment section have pointed out…., Israel apparently has complete and total protection from this crap company to ANY their neighborhoods! The rest of the world NEEDS to understand how (the reason for it) they are soooo f’ing privileged! Much love to you!

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