Did Trump Ban Epstein from Mar-A-Lago?

Derrick Broze investigates the claim that Trump banned Jeffrey Epstein from his Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

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  • Andrew B

    I worked on el Brillo houses away from him…I also worked for a top top art dealer who said it’s all true!….as a guy who hears whispers for years

  • rebecca elue

    Derrick, firstly thanks for all the good work. I wish you’d also mentioned that during your interview with Bradley, he mentioned that in 2009 Trump was the only person who called him back and offered to talk to the attorney. Bradley also states that the information Trump provided checked out and was helpful (5:9-10). Again, your work is much appreciated

  • Kate Phillips

    I’m not sold either way about Trump and Epstein… remember Epstein was connected with MANY influencers who weren’t necessarily pedophiles before his conviction… Stephen Hawking and 20 other internationally known scientists, Michael Bloomberg, and I believe Ivanka Trump was also in his contacts.

    The Clinton-Patterson connection is interesting! Don’t know what to make of that. I think Clinton’s many private excursions with Epstein (including trips where he ditched his secret service) are more incriminating, especially considering his known history and substantiated accusations of assault and rape.

    It’s certainly possible that Trump is guilty of sexual crimes, too, or that he was being framed (speaking of the 2016 rape accusation). Interesting that Epstein‘s and Clinton’s many accusers are still around, but Trump’s one accuser (connected with Epstein, connected with Clinton) vanished after the election.

    Clinton has a long history of hanging out with sexual monsters (he was close w Weinstein and Spacey, and recently photographed on vacation with George Nader, convicted of 10 counts of pedophilia.) I don’t see the same pattern with Trump… What I do see is a pattern of Trump being an unfaithful slime ball with adult women.

    Not defending Trump, just pointing out that there’s way more evidence to convict Clinton of sexual crimes. And perhaps both are guilty as sin!

  • From Monkey 2016 to Dog 2018

    Here is a potential Epstein-Trump connection.
    How strange that I looked up Epstein – Trump today and you just made a video!

    Even with the blurry cover on her face, this is a beautiful woman of the right age.
    Before she got to that point, just thinking of the years, and what Stormy Daniels said about her alleged encounter in 2006, I thought of this blonde girl being the exact same age as Donald Trump’s Daughter in 1994.

    Stormy Daniels is close in age to Ivanka Trump, but they were not underage in 2006.

    The potential lawsuit is shady here, and I am not sure if the girl is believable witness or believable actress, but it is still strange.

    They wanted to sell the video to Gawker for one million dollars … hmmm … that did not help to the credibility of their stories.

  • Jerome Garcia

    Awesome work sir…
    19 numbers? I thought 14… lol even worse, funny if it was 17??
    Absolutely trump and Clintons have a deal, so does everyone else…
    Trump likes little girls Clinton likes anything and Hillary loves her moloch chicken… Epstein hustled to please and had mossad up his ass to do so, reason why American politicians are sending Israel millions of tax dollars a day for absolutely not a God damn thing… because everyone in any position of power has been targeted by multiple organizations like CIA, military, secret societies, homosexual and pedophile groups and drug lords…
    What’s your pleasure… if you partaked then you compromised and bet your sweet ass everyone is because that’s how government, entertainment and music is set up over the last 50 years…
    Hoover’s FBI is foundation of pedophilia, here we are decades later actually watching the FBI try not looking at the public’s eye in response to the pedophilia happenings this very second…
    But I like your style to actually take a sheeples hand and walk them through the facts and clearly show it’s not bias just fact…
    Trump is no frickin saint one bit not even relating to Epstein… he’s the leader of the free world and is a fuckin asshole smug dick like he actually does or did something.
    He has absolutely done nothing in comparison to what he claims and that’s across the board….
    The shit he’s done good is actually shit that’s already ours to begin with, puckered lips like he’s done something when freedom for its fuckin cost since independence day is bullshit, and it’s all because spoiled ass wealthy fucks who perverted themselves and values so long through out generations, thinking we poor fuckers working our lives to death don’t see the charade,
    Slimy fucks every last one, it’s all a show because believe it or fuckin not, if you got trump chin nuts ask your retarded self how the fuck can the process of government be so slow but the process of finding, buying, fucking, disposing of children seem to be a daily thing in the estimated profits of… ummm our whole existence as a nation!!!
    We ain’t pulled out of Afghanistan big dummies, 12 years now you think it’s a war, lmfao no fool we grow secure, and ship heroin, military heroin is not new foolish souls, new York city and trump knows very well about heroin,
    Research his renters of property in new York alone, the Cohn’s the mob, Atlantic city the casinos, how many favors does trump owe???
    Ahhh I just have to vent, because I don’t like that people actually are die hard trump and its obvious they have no clue… and that is all Q and to me obviously a psy op…
    I rambled long enough just remember stock up on lots of vaseline. ..

  • Gen Gtz

    Thank you for your bravery in search of truth and justice, same old story the rich sand powerful follow different rules, Bc they choose to and of course they can, less brave souls dare to call to decency and humanity, they will go unchecked, please stay safe as you get to be known, attention is drawn, angel of justice will protect u, call in your Ángels

  • Tom Morrissey

    If your a New York billionaire at one point or another you would have to encounter Epstein.
    Epstein being the clingy little maggot snot that he is would be constantly pestering you for attention.

  • Little Boots

    Epstein works for Mega group (funders). Several billionaires: Ronald Lauder, Bronfman’s, Les Wexner, Abramson, Max Fisher, Michael Steinhardt, Larry Tisch, Robert Maxwell, Likud party ect

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