Trudeau Drops Lucifer’s Baby, The New World Order, Live On BT

BT interviewer asks Justin Trudeau, “Is This The Dawn Of The New World World Order?” And of course, he betrays Canada by saying, “yes.” Not only that, apparently globalism and the NWO are every Canadians “values.”

Fairness of the dealing[edit]
Fairness is not defined in the Copyright Act. It is a question of fact.

The Copyright Act does not define what will be “fair”; whether something is fair is a question of fact and depends on the facts of each case. See McKeown, supra, at p. 23- 6. Lord Denning explained this eloquently in Hubbard v. Vosper, [1972] 1 All E.R. 1023 (C.A.), at p. 1027:

It is impossible to define what is ‘fair dealing’. It must be a question of degree. You must consider first the number and extent of the quotations and extracts. Are they altogether too many and too long to be fair? Then you must consider the use made of them. If they are used as a basis for comment, criticism or review, that may be a fair dealing. If they are used to convey the same information as the author, for a rival purpose, that may be unfair. Next, you must consider the proportions. To take long extracts and attach short comments may be unfair. But, short extracts and long comments may be fair. Other considerations may come to mind also. But, after all is said and done, it must be a matter of impression. As with fair comment in the law of libel, so with fair dealing in the law of copyright. The tribunal of fact must decide.[31]


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