Aga Kahn And Justin Trudeau’s Private Island Vacation

It’s been revealed that during his first year in office Justin took 10 vacations with his family. The most recent vacation is the most controversial. Justin visited the private island of Aga Khan, a Liberal Party supporter and donor to the Trudeau Foundation. Support us on Patreon ➜


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  • Amelia Ryan

    Justin Trudeau is a waste of breath. Mr. Pretty Boy is gonna bring Canada
    to it’s knees. He’s all for him and none for his country. I’m a proud
    Canadian, but, I hang my head in shame every time I see his face.. Smh..

  • Charlaine Allard

    Thanks for all the muslim invaders we’re just finding out about. I don’t
    need to be penetrated to know when I’m being buggered. Ass clown.

  • Fla sun

    That’s true how the higher ups and government offices break laws and get
    away with even MURDER meanwhile the peasants get smashed, fined and even
    jailed for much less.

  • ON Ontarible

    All funding to the Aga Kahn’s Foundations mu cease immediately, Idiot Boy
    Trudeau must resign from office for corruption.

  • watcher on the wall

    any political leader receiving funds from any other source other then the
    public he represents ……that should be against the law ….if there was
    one, as for holidays , theres only one a year and that’s for two weeks
    ,,,welcome to reality

  • Juiceboxx TM

    Clearly Canada needs to drain the swamp in a big way. This tinkerbell is so
    out of touch from reality. Worst Prime Minister ever..

  • The Prickly Prick

    most Canadians cant afford 1 fucking vacation a year…this cock snot shit
    face little faggot fuck took 10. who paid for those, not Trudeau we the
    people paid for this goofs 10 vacations. I’ve always thought you were a
    piece of shit. I always will think your a piece of shit. I hope you fucking
    die. We need to impeach this cock sucker. Can Canada survive 4 years under
    Trudeau…prolly not. so once again fuck you Trudeau I hope you get ALS.

  • daniel saint-martin

    hey he’s lucky…… it took mote more vacations in one year than me in 5
    years….. I hope he had a good time with my hard earned working money…..

  • Johnny Canadian

    Love it!! But as we all know average Canada has no clue. I ask people I
    know about the carbon tax and they say huh? And I’m a Manitoban

  • Joan Smythe

    Hahahaaa. I remember reading how Obama would sit around watching ESPN all
    morning, then shoot hoops all afternoon. Oh, did I mention that he played
    more rounds of golf than any other POTUS? How about the way he spent more
    than $100M on vacations over the 8 years he was in office? There are only
    96 months in 8 yrs, which means he spent more than an average of one
    million dollars per month on leisurely travel. Yeah. Great qualifications.
    The Obama’s left Chicago for Washington with a net worth of less than $2M
    COMBINED. Now?
    Barack has a net worth of $12.5M, and Michelle mysteriously has a net worth
    of $11M. The salary for POTUS is $400k/yr. Do the math, genius.
    Did you forget that Trump is a multi BILLIONAIRE? He’s qualified to do
    anything. You’re comparing him to Justin Zoolander?? A snowboard instructor
    with a Trust Fund???
    How do I block your channel from ever showing up in my feed again?

  • Steeper33

    Great video Dan. I have a feeling more Canadians are clueing in to the
    outrageous corruption and spending in both parties, I hope. Libs or Cons,
    corruption is corruption and it needs to be ended.

  • Cari Draper

    this is UN agenda! doesn’t matter who is in office, it just so happens that
    this is where we are at in the progress so trudeau is a good puppet for the
    last and final steps to seal it up. we need out of the UN they are
    unelected government body , governing the government’s all over the world

  • Roger Baker

    Karim will finance mosques in Canada. There are already too many. Islam is
    incompatible with western culture and must NOT be encouraged to take root.

  • Canucker

    only thing he is digging is a giant hole to put all the money hes
    collecting while selling out our Country. Sickening and you people who
    voted for him should be ashamed of yourselves! 2019 Conseratives!! Bring it
    on !!!

  • Scott Caldwell

    I have followed your page for the entire election race and I like most of
    your reporting but I don’t think you as a Canadian are in the right place
    to say that Donald Trump is not qualified you sound like a liberal Donald
    Trump has a very high IQ in the genius range and he is a good businessman
    and surrounding himself with people that do know how the government works
    and operates I think he is doing just fine you can say whatever you want
    freedom of speech but rather you are correct or not is another story I
    believe Trump is qualified very much more so than little Justin princess

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