Bill 89 And Gender Identity For Children – What Is The World Coming To?!

While covering the east side pride rally in Vancouver BC Dan Dicks of Press For Truth spoke with a female couple about their child’s so called right to switch genders if they choose. If the parents refuse, the child can be taken away from them by the government if Bill 89 becomes a law! Patreon ➜
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  • Douglas Murphy

    Wow, so more policing for words? Words they don’t like, words are offensive. BAN WORDS. NO MORE WORDS. NO MORE WORDS. WORDS ARE OFFENSIVE. BAN WORDS. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Do they even hear themselves? And bullying is bullying no matter the reason, so how would she deal with bullying normally?

  • th3hellz

    These two person knows that what they are saying is completely bullshit and crazy that’s why they don’t want anyone to hear their bs, only those agreeing with them. And look how they look at you like if you are retarded because you ask questions that matters… It’s frightening to see that these people have so much power on the government and on our life, when they are representing almost nobody. I don’t care what people are doing when they are adult but c’mon, a child cannot understand wtf is gender and how it’s going to impact their life in the long term. They know NOTHING at this age and they need an adult to guide them in life. I feel like they are trynig to brainwash children to push their agenda and this is wrong.

  • zwitscherelfe

    very confused brainwashed state lovers… i am shocked to hear such nonsense coming from adults… makes me sick to my soul. idiocrazy is what comes to mind…

  • watcher on the wall

    government dictates whats learned by preschoolers then public school , and if the kids dont agree they fail the grade … submit or your a failure and a rebellious person , by the time the kids hit puberty theres nothing but total confusion, this is the time when they are finally accepted as canadians , government knows whats best for the children not their biological parent

  • watcher on the wall

    since when do children know what or who they are until they are taught , a child can be raised by wolves and it will believe it is a wolf , this is not a decisions for the child , its a decisions of the parent or guardian and certainly not the government to intervene in, these people do not deserve t have children who attend these things , they don’t have the intellect of a goldfish

  • Mazemma

    Dan, u set that up beautifully, catching them in their hypocrisy and intolerance- and u backed off! And why didn’t u press her when she got defensive and ‘uncomfortable’, implying she wouldn’t answer anymore ?’s unless u were with a group that supported her beliefs? Bill 89 also states that a child will be taken away from his/her parents is they want to trans(which could mean hormone treatment. Or worse if this nonsense continues, this Bill will cover trans surgery on children- if the child wants it then the parent must not ‘abuse’ the child by not abiding by that child’s wishes!!

  • chakor viper

    I’m a Crocodile, if someone call me man I will bite him so hard and eat him alive and I will not go to jail, because I’m a Crocodile and that what Crocodile do !

  • Miss Kristin C

    she says it would be damaging to not acknowledge the child’s identity choice. But would it not be damaging to the child to take them away from their parents?!?! (&if the bill only pertains to adopted children, then theyv probably already been through some(if not many) damaging ‘things’…)
    *I think any/all of those things are/would be damaging*

  • Rica The Hopeful Voluntarist

    My daughter identified as pansexual at 11. She wasn’t even sexually active yet. I “supported” her but also explained to her that the media and others with an agenda were promoting these lifestyles on purpose and that very few people actually question their gender. I encouraged her to do her own research and reach her own conclusion. She is now 15 with a boyfriend.

  • Mary Kränsel

    Yes, this entire interview is cringe-worthy, but that gal on the left has a point when it comes to those über morons who identify as animals – if they want that flaming identity so bad, then they should suffer the consequences: no job, no car, etc.


    if a child has a mum and FATHER they might not get gender mix up issues all children NEED a mum and dad..that’s it

  • Akon Fenty

    A person with a human brain identifying as an animal is actually ridiculous, cus you have a human brain, so that makes no logical sense, but a person with a human brain still identifying as a human still makes sense.


    these people want the best of both world’s .. gay and have children without a Man bring envolved . BTW who conceive d the girl….oh they ordered her online okay

  • Terri L

    So, twisted lady. Sex and gender aren’t the same? So, a person can be both male and female? Get some psych help.

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