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  • Brent Mcfadden

    Vietnam Was the Big Bang as far as Drugs and Arms and Mass destruction of whole civilized and tribal countries! Good verses bad, Nah all for cash /Resourses,Drugs!, and apparently Kids! The rottenness existed on both sides butchering civilians! NWO Tyrannt control was set in motion, UN resources appear to be spy network very large part of the wealth/resource/ theft! To damn big of a game for the general public understand because of fake News that is set up as propaganda machine! The Monsters Must be removed, they are in every town city state country, they occupy every large corporation, government ministry, public clubs, every where! 2019 time to remove these freaks via local votes in mayoral election races, Jan 1 2019 start of revealing and voting out every single one of’em! Cheers!

  • Ken Rodgers

    Who is this Bev Collins gal …my spidey sense says let her run with the topic she be deep and informed but oh so Canadian in her politeness..

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