Josh Sigurdson Interviewed By Infowars – Confronting Politicians & Calling Out SJWs

Millie Weaver of Infowars interviews WAM’s Josh Sigurdson during G. Edward Griffin’s The Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, Montana following his speech alongside Millie Weaver, Jerry Day and Edward Goodliffe on a panel.
Millie asks Josh about confronting politicians, being the media and dealing with SJWs as PC culture runs rampant, stomping on the free speech of so-called free individuals on college campuses and elsewhere.

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  • Henrik Wallin

    Well said but… No, people are not going to listen until you make more money than them by using your principles.

    A Libertarian can never be as wealthy as a king or a Rockefeller (due to a moral compass), but Libertarians working together will on average be way more successful than people whining about “speaking up”.

    When you start connecting people in a way that gives them more income, power and status, then you win. I don’t know a good answer, but I’m looking into smart contracts and crypto currencies, and in that way we might create better structures instead of whining against the wall that is the current corrupt cabal.

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