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  • Ontario Grown Genetics

    im so tired of your vids trying to scare people so you can make a quick buck. time to unsub. oh, and ur car fkn sucks!!

  • Raven James

    Rose 1000 pts yesturday he is really something! I don’t know why he yelling the sky is falling. I almost think he hopes it will! But what he doesn’t understand is the feds are not gonna let the system crash like he saying its going to! Remember the banks are FDIC.


    Next time, besides the plane and the luxury car, bring in a superbike , 2 hot bunnies and a suitcase full of cash to complete your background Chris. Lol

  • Xavier Rosado

    Ironic how he reports various market crashes, financial downfalls, and money fluctuations and yet this guy always seems to report with nice cars, lush hotels and fine establishments in the background. #foodforthought

  • shadow 13

    He is nothing but a broken record that keep on repeating the same track over and over again so I unsub him. Bitcoin is useless nothing but a piece of paper that said I own you. if you lose it. you’re screwed!

  • dylan wright

    The only people fear mongering are the gold and bitcoin guys? anybody could be right, but always be cautious of those with an agenda and those with something to sell you.

  • Cherri Zirkel

    I saw this man get pissed when people didn’t jump into the crypto currency and bitcoin offers and the gold and silver wasn’t so much being pushed. He gets so upset if your not jumping each time they move stock prices around. He now showing off his last prized possession big empty garage and his somewhat shiny black mustang ? Looks like my neighbor hood with the automotive more expensive than their home! Homes with 4 car garage and two tiny bedrooms over garage. Homes built with huge warehouse garages to room their one automobile! It’s a total laugh to see fancy homes that is nothing but car garage! I’m sorry Christopher Greene maybe in future you look at yourself and this streaming you may see where people are coming from! God bless you take it easy! I saw this garage before Christopher it was empty then when you were very serious to point of yelling how stupid we are for not seeing the signs. Oh excuse me this is your airplane hangar with missing airplane ✈️ did it fall into repossessed by financial institution? Why do you put your pretty automotive next to huge air plane hangar with lights turned on no craft? I haven’t seen your airplane since your streaming.

  • Joe P

    Wow, I’ve been following this douche? I lose a ton of money this year (but only half of this pricks car) by being a fool and investing in cryptos…and this asshole who is rich is trying to sell an investment course…and claims to be a Christian…how about helping out people and NOT charging for it and ACTUALLY giving it away for free…obviously you have enough as it is. Greedy douche…unsubscribed!

  • secretshadowgov

    burn in hell for ripping people off you snake oil salesman, I can’t believe you sold out so hard- you could have made money the honest way, bitcoin rich telling people to buy at 20k, you got rich but didn’t mention bitcoin until recently you are the biggest liar POS who figured out the only way to make money was to step on the less fortunate and you will get what you deserve

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