The YELLOW VEST Protest Manifesto Is Spreading! – What You NEED To Know!

This is becoming a phenomenon. The yellow vest movement is spreading like wildfire and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. What started out as a grievance against rising taxes has morphed into a cornucopia of problems and concerns with how they are being manipulated and controlled. In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth takes a look at where this all began, where it’s going and what Canadians can expect moving forward.

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  • Thor Abraxas

    Why don’t we see any enemy invading MUSLIMS in any Yellow Vest movement in Canada and Europe? Cause they are enemies and don’t stand with us or our hijacked corrupted Countries. They are the enemies within our lands. Today in Canada there are over 1,200,000 Muslim invaders and now they have infiltrated our Government in key immigration position like the immigration minister and have also worked to pass laws that you can’t criticize them and now they even have their own Islamic Party Of Canada. This is war they waged on us. It’s clear as day to any smart human who seeks the truth. They must be forcefully removed from Canada and the traitors who support them like Trudeau need to be jailed for treason and conspiracy.

  • maddog7667

    What if the reasons for the protests mentioned in the video were only symptoms of an issue that people were unhappy with? Has anyone considered this? What if the issue causing the symptoms was simplified and came out as: It is unreasonable that the belief’s formed by individuals who lack empathy having no kindness, generosity, compassion or mercy be considered equal or greater than a belief built on kindness, generosity, compassion or mercy.

  • Leif Bennett

    watch the politicians speech in the movie THEY live and then watch your politicians speeches, or manly p hall or aldous Huxley, etc the new world orderites/globalist. its called double speak.

  • Simon Peter Abraham

    If France wanted to save the world, why don’t they force their carbon tax on us and China instead of their own sad poor country?

  • Vicsongwriter

    We need to make resistance to
    Bill Gates and Harvard’s insane plan to block out the sun with chemtrails apart of this movement as well, they are accelerating their mass genocide plans with this no sun thing, if we don’t stop them, we’re dead people

  • Midna Urthqua

    Climate!!! Stop rockets into space. Now!!! Stop flying around the globe,petit Trudeau:take care of your country!
    Stop CERN!! NÓW!!!
    Stop the ridiculous illumination of cities with billboards advertising CRAP!!! Now there’s a start. And ban palmoil!! And tax the guys who make money through depletion of earths recources!
    Do that for ten years and then see what happens.
    Oh and NO 5G!!!!!!!!!!

  • bob bagshawe

    I advise all Canadians to wear the hijab full face then go and get a gun permit buy Rama buy guns because you don’t have to reveal your face by those who don’t want to be seen and that you have government blessing so do the same we have to play The Same game go change your name to Muhammad up me up the the ass I’m going to get your guns prepare .

  • Darwin Risdon

    I will be getting my yellow best to join the movement. Enough is enough. Trudeau is a jackass if he thinks the majority agree with him (he’s a jackass for other reasons too!)

  • Zafta Bamafoo

    Hold it together fellow Canadians. There is an election year coming and vote that dirt bag Trudope head out.
    For the people who think there is global warming pull your heads out of your ass look at all the facts not what gov. paid scientists say and you will realize we are ending the last ice age. The earth is becoming normal so prepare to be normal as well

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