Ancient Cataclysm CONFIRMED! – THIS Is What ENDED Lost Ancient Civilizations!

Josh Sigurdson reports on a massive new development crucial to putting together the puzzle pieces of the lost ancient civilizations theorized for so many years.
This latest news brings together Atlantis, the Genesis Flood, the water erosion on the Sphinx and the extinction event in North America around 11,700 BC.
An enormous crater has recently been confirmed in Greenland/Denmark which weighed around 11 billion tons, crashing into the Earth at the rate of 23 miles a second bringing the Younger Dryas Period to an abrupt end. This major event lead to waters rising throughout the world, fires burning on 10% of Earth’s surface over 1,000 years and the near extinction of human beings.
For many years, mainstream archeologists, Egyptologists and academic scientists in general have regurgitated the same old talking points about ancient civilizations based on whatever information benefited their narrative while ignoring anything that countered their views. They blacklisted anyone who questioned the official narrative and called them crazy.
Dr. Robert Schoch, a geologist attempted to debunk skeptics of the officially accepted history of Egypt for example, but ended up finding some of the most notable, clear evidence that the Sphinx is much older than is claimed. With water erosion around its enclosure and evidence that the Dynastic Egyptians actually discovered the already built Sphinx as the Inventory Stela alludes to, Schoch went down a rabbit hole that helped bring more concrete evidence to the work of Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John Anthony West, Randall Carlson and Brien Foerster.
The evidence that an ancient civilization lived thousands of years before the accepted date of the beginning of human civilization is incontrovertible. Something wiped out this civilization and sent humanity back to the stone age. Gobekli Tepe seems to be the only site mainstream archaeologists accept as pre-dating the first human civilizations understood in mainstream textbooks and even still, they usually will avoid talking about it completely as it doesn’t fit their narrative.
This Greenland crater appears to be incredibly compelling. It shows that a major event that would have unavoidably ended most any form of civilization on the planet occurred as reported by so many people titled “crazy” in the past.
We dig deep into this cataclysm/extinction event and how it ties into Atlantis at the potential Richat Structure location, the true age of the Ancient Egyptians, Peruvians and more!

Stay tuned as we continue to study this issue closely! We will surely be doing more on ancient civilizations!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • A K

    The Sun grows an inch larger every year. It is inevitable that the earth will suffer massive devastation. With global overpopulation famine is going to wipe out billions.
    The simpletons running the world think we can avoid this with a carbon tax?

  • james farr

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  • Golden Apple

    Happy New Year buddy, and thanks for a great channel. Hope your subbed to the Dark Journalist channel, he does some great work on ancient civilisations and tech.

  • irishspiritedgal

    Great report josh! Most can’t handle the truth, it’s pretty evident when what you see doesn’t add up to what the oppressors would like you to beLIEve!

  • Gerald Parker

    You might enjoy reading Hugh Ross’ “Improbable Planet”, a book which does not go into matters of lost civilisations, but which does discuss, pretty convincingly, the record of terrific catastophes in the Earth’s history. It lays a good, geological basis upon which to fit human data about the Earth’s remote and less remote past.

  • damien roberts

    11700 years ago? you don’t know that and neither do the researchers. your schtick-mo makes up for that presumption though.

  • NickyD

    Look in the bottom of the Vatican. It’s all there. It’s a real shame that the power “elite” have robbed us of our birthright. However, I believe those days are numbered. I would expect more and more efforts to be made by the “elite” to keep this information from all of us.

  • NickyD

    Look at the sculpture in the Vatican courtyard of the world disintegrating. It’s the best place to hide things; in plain sight. It’s time to put down your beer, stop taking pharmaceuticals, turn off your television and wake up.

  • EarthMan Cometh

    How ironic that people who lambast Statism so well SOMEHOW still believe in the Government Nonsense known as science…which is more like Scient-ISM…quite suspicious.

    You lost me as soon as you mentioned NASA. One day, if you do your own “research” into that fraud of GOVERNMENT, you’ll see that NOTHING that Government does, even in the Name of SCIENCE, is to be trusted.

    Scientific Method = Good
    NASA / Mainstream science = Government Fraudsters

    Oh, and just to be clear, NO ONE ever went to the Moon.

  • Keto Cowboy

    It really irritates me that I have tried to like this video at least four times and every time that I go to view it again it shows that I have not Given it a thumbs up… Why is that even being suppressed?

  • Planetgonenuts

    “Thus it was in the Days of Heavenly Wrath, which have gone, and thus it will be in the Days of Doom when it comes again. The times of its coming and going are known unto the wise. These are the signs and times which shall precede the Destroyer’s return: A hundred and ten generations shall pass into the West and nations will rise and fall. Men will fly in the air as birds and swim in the seas as fishes. Men will talk peace one with another, hypocrisy and deceit shall have their day. Women will be as men and men as women, passion will be a plaything of man.

    A nation of soothsayers shall rise and fall and their tongue shall be the speech learned. A nation of lawgivers shall rule the Earth and pass away into nothingness. One worship will pass into the four quarters of the Earth, talking peace and bringing war. A nation of the seas will be greater than any other, but will be as an apple rotten at the core and will not endure. A nation of traders will destroy men with wonders and it shall have its day. Then shall the high strive with the low, the North with the South, the East with the West, and the light with the darkness. Men shall be divided by their races and children will be born as strangers among them. Brother shall strive with brother and husband with wife. Fathers will no longer instruct their sons and the sons will be wayward. Women will become the common property of men and will no longer be held in regard and respect.

    Then men will be ill at ease in their hearts, they will seek they know not what, and uncertainty and doubt will trouble them. They will possess great riches but be poor in spirit. Then will the Heavens tremble and the Earth move, men will quake in fear and while terror walks with them the Heralds of Doom will appear. They will come softly, as thieves to the tombs, men will not know them for what they are, men will be deceived, the hour of the Destroyer is at hand.

    In those days men will have the Great Book before them, wisdom will be revealed, the few will be gathered for the stand, it is the hour of trial. The dauntless ones will survive, the stouthearted will not go down to destruction.

    Great God of All Ages, alike to all, who sets the trials of man, be merciful to our children in the Days of Doom. Man must suffer to be great, but hasten not his progress unduly.
    In the great winnowing, be not too harsh on the lesser ones among men. Even the son of a thief has become Your scribe.” – The Kolbrin, Wisdom of the Ages, The Book of Manuscripts incorporating The Treasury of Life, Chapter Three, The Destroyer, Part 1 – From The Great Scroll.

  • Planetgonenuts

    “Weep for all eternity, for in thine awful desolation shall thou rise up again from thy watery grave.”
    “Behold thy voice shall be like unto the voice of the harlot crying aloud saying” ‘Behold, out of my whoredom hath come destruction. Take heed, ye nations of Earth, lest ye fall into greater tribulation. The fair city of Chekon, the first city of Atlantis, is overthrown. The habitation of Ptah is no more.’” – Atlantis to the Latter Days, H.C. Randall-Stevens (EL EROS).

    “Civilization may be swallowed up even as was that of Atlantis, and the world again relapse into a state of social chaos. The new civilization arising would recount as fabulous the doings of the great men of our day, and just as the kings and great men of Atlantis became the gods of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, etc., so the great figures of the postdiluvian era would become surrounded by mystery and fable.

    Mankind with his incomplete knowledge of nature is building an even greater potential of destruction than was present when Atlantis was destroyed. Vast magnetic fields are flowing out into space and the balance of magnetism is being disturbed. This will create strains and stresses upon the Earth’s surface which will eventually cause a recurrence of the diluvian cataclysm. It has ever been thus with Man, that he must build and seemingly perish until the time comes that he has perfected his knowledge of those things spiritual to the exclusion of his baser, selfish and material desires. When the scales of knowledge balance evenly between these two opposites, the will nature be appeased and Man receive the full benefit of its satisfaction.” – Atlantis to the Latter Days, H.C. Randall-Stevens (EL EROS).

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