Crimes Of The Educators – Why You Should Unschool Your Child (with Alex Newman)

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and journalist Alex Newman to talk about his book “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children” which Newman co-wrote with Samuel Blumenfeld.
The blow-back of public schooling is on full display today as children grow into subservient, needy “adults”, desperately demanding success instead of looking for success. A population of lazy lemmings bent on using the state’s extortion apparatus in order to obtain wealth. The double-speak is Orwellian as their selfish greedy is called “fair” and the notion of working for success and trading goods for services is considered “greed”.
Children are being indoctrinated to expect instead of work.
Self responsibility is the most instrumental aspect of individual liberty which is drying up and dying, to be blown by the winds of time and never seen again.
The Marxist suppression of free thought and objective views has seized the curriculum of public schools, universities and colleges today as those who disagree are called Nazis by adult children, playing with play-dough in their safe spaces.

This is either the end of humanity as we know it, or the beginning of our awakening as the absurdity grows to vast scales leading many to pull out of the school system and homeschool. Unschooling is becoming more and more popular as the state criticizes a parent’s right to keep their children out of indoctrination camps.
Alex Newman does an incredible job of breaking down this problem and giving solutions.

His book ‘Crimes of the Educators’ has been praised by people like Dr. Ron Paul who of course authored ‘The School Revolution’ among many other masterpieces.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Alex Newman
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Liber De Deum

    +amdg+ many unschooled, and homeschooled have become the most critical thinking segment of the population +pax Christi!+

  • Ed Johnson

    I have advocated for many years …. for people to bumrush these indoctrination centers and teach both the scum educators and administrations a lesson for destroying the minds of the youth!

  • Dane VanDer

    the truth was stated long ago. Whatever we needed to learn, we learned in kindergarten. For the past 3 generations, young ones haven’t had the same firm foundation as we older fortunate fellows. Education became indoctrination, leaving those involved tossed and blown , lacking in many ways.

  • silvercountry

    All public school teaches is to follow the sheep herd and do not think for yourself. Once indoctrinated you are trapped as a zombie citizen and you have been infected with group cognitive dissidence where you lie to yourself not believing the truth of reality.

  • OhCanadaWSOGFT

    I knew people were brain dead & couldn’t think for themselves in many cases. – so much for me being called a “Know it all”


    the entire public school system needs to be overhauled or scrapped altogether.
    good for you Josh for casting a light on this growing problem

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