How The Yellow Vests Protests In France Are Creating a Massive Shift In Consciousness

Joe Martino went deep on the Yellow Vest protests in France and how they are acting as a mirror for a deep shift in consciousness. Here’s an excerpt that explains how big changes are coming, and what we can do to make a difference.

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Video hosted by: Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution.

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  • realshompa

    who own the media in the west? The other 190 countries do not have that problem. The things that western people think is normal is not normal in the other 190 countries. (non-nationalism, immigration, 90% taxes, media that is owned by the same ethnic group, banks that lend out something that does not exist and get interested in it. And so on,,) But if you really understand that, and really know facts. We know who the responsible people are. Do you dare to admit who they are? Who own the media, facebook/google/youtube/banks/military? Do you dare to admit that what that means? We can have world peace if enough people admit it and act. (of course in non-violent democratic ways. Just deport them to their home country in.. hmmm hmmm that we can’t legally say since Youtube is controlled by the Dancers.

  • Mason Green

    I’m very curious to see if you guys can work on trying to make this RIC a real thing via blockchain. So far you are the only ones talking about the full solution of it all vs just pieces..

  • Brett Klaft

    A vote on every issue would be a mistake. Have you seen the American public? There were good reasons why the founding fathers setup our bicameral legislature with the checks it has. A direct democracy will fail miserably. We need to get rid of the administrative state and make Congress do their job.

  • mostawesomedudeever1

    According to Brendan O’Connell, the yellow vest protests are organised by the elites. I think there is a possibility of that. Check out his channel. He is an Australian guy that was in jail for 3 years for his political views. The elites really don’t like him

  • ron power

    With the technology we have today we can vote on every issue/laws etc instantly.. we need to put decision back into the people hands. Sadly we are being run by very untrustworthy morons and I’m being polite.

  • Radioactive Banana

    George Webb has named so many in the Deep State world wide and how they are involved in Drugs, weapons, child trafficking, organ harvesting and nuc sales. I hit the streets today and had a sign that says “Arrest the Deep State/NWO” Remember the US news is controlled by the Broadcast Board of Governors under the State Dept. We must shut that down and then maybe we can get some real news.

  • unelady2

    They have create a plot for our life with movies and fake media that promote that we have no saying or power to change anything, but that is their story not the reality, we need to take responsibilities and that is what Dr. Jordan Peterson and P. Trump and Yellow Vest etc. is doing right now. Iceland and other countries did change the script and this is what is happening now! NWO is on notice, we will not let our world be control by you anymore. This is a great time to be alive!

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