Elevate – A New Show On CETV Explores Awakening To Higher Consciousness

The official premiere of Elevate, a show hosted by Joe Martino & Franco DeNicola on CETV that explores awakening to higher consciousness and oneness deeply!

You can watch the next 2 episodes on CETV by starting your free trial: https://cetv.one/programs/s1-e1-whats-happening-in-our-world

New episodes air every week on Monday on CETV.

Episode 1: What’s Happening in Our World
Episode 2: Exposing The Matrix & Cabal


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  • Abda Adoniyah

    Absolutely on point 100% it’s exactly what they seem like zombies and there’s nothing you can say to help them to awaken or recognize the consciousness on a higher plane they just don’t see it usually it’s the same individuals want no part of Higher Learning that can help to their higher conscious

  • dAt3q

    Thank you so much for all your work and this channel. I resonate a lot with it. Simply working from the heart and expanding the consciousness that is the key <3

  • Scott Sanders

    But, then there are those of us who want to awaken, become more conscious. I know I have been sort of awakened by delving into the truth of the world, as best as I can figure from what I’ve read and seen, for the last twenty-five years, but have not really meditated or truly be more conscious in that regard. This sounds like just the program I need to grow spiritually and be a better human being, be a better father and be of more good use to the world around me. I feel the great need to be more and do more for humanity like you do Joe. Thank you so much for all that you do for humanity. If everyone was like you, this world wouldn’t have any problems, ah, but that’s not reality…..

  • Shaman Omar

    Amazing. How do you choose your guests? Is there an email for people to write to for consideration?


  • nutella tasty

    I have a question.. can you recommand films ,music to me as a “conscious “or” awaken person”? I can t be vigilant all the time. How can i have fun?
    Thank you from the dept of my heart

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