Ben Swann ON: Saudis Seeking Death Penalty for Five Suspects in Khashoggi Killing

Saudi authorities are seeking the death penalty for five of the twelve suspects currently on trial for the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. But is all of this simply an attempt for the Saudi crown prince to move on from this case?


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  • John Pagoto

    They will probably kill 5 additional people that had nothing to do with the hit. Who’s to know? They need to protect their assassins otherwise who would want the job

  • Bob Shaw

    They are going to kill people for the Murder of Khashoggi? Does that mean they are going to execute the Price for giving the green light to kill this reporter?

  • Athanasius Philopatoris Maximus Antonios

    every westerner sympathises with Khashoggi case and neglect the facts around his life and hide role and wants to accuse KSA over no proof or just an emotional drama nonsense is just a jerk or

    a muslim brotherhood apologist

  • 2Words 1Finger

    WHY not just talk about how ANTI AMERICAN this damn Khashoggi was ??? I can’t believe there is this kind of sympathy for an ENEMY OF AMERICANS !!! Do you feel sympathy for ISIS….or Muhammad ??? Reach down…. and find your BALLS….Ben ! TRY to remember that you and your loved ones are AMERICAN !!

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