In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports China provokes a U.S. Warship in the S. China Sea.
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FLASHPOINT China confronts US with fury as American missile destroyer sails through disputed South China Sea in challenge to Beijing

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  • Richard Gonzalez

    China can never win a naval face off with U.S. The U.S. has too much experience in naval warfare. Let’s do it, let’s sink their only carrier. Do it ! Do it ! Dooooo it !!! Let’s not wait until they build more warships, we already got them completely surrounded, show them we still got balls ! BIG ONES !




    HOW COULD WE , OUR HISTORY WAS MOSTLY ALL LIES. Look up Anatoly Fomenko 1973 works …

    Amazing how it is that people with answers Nikola Tesla. Wilhelm Reich ,Emmanuel Velikovsky, and now Anatoly Fomenko. Were just Erased like a name on the chalk board , While they were still alive…

    They were destroyed by that really nice guy wearing 1896 $700 dollar 3 piece suite
    With $100 tall hat. Do You mean Mr J P….? There’s nothing nice about him or them …

  • Jonathan Still

    You’re ” live ” here Brother. I ASK : Does our snide, game playing Congress realize that if we go to war with China soon , a dim- witted blow – hard of a sham of a President who is distracted by aliens from Mexico and kissing the rear end of Kim of Korea, will need to make some intelligent and well thought out choices to prevent WW lll from taking place ?!?!?!?!?
    Also he will have to be a very cagey diplomat and God – fearing and seriously thoughtful Leader of the Free World and Commander of the US Armed Forces…. instead of a loud- mouth idiot. D. tTUMP will single handedly and personally be responsible for provoking a cataclysmic Nuclear Confrontation because he is such a pompous egotistical dolt . Of course, he will blame the Democrats or the Mexicans, who cares ? He will need to direct the military ( if l was in the military l would be genuinely frigherened right now) and run any war on the basis of whoever thinks he’s the cat’s meow. I feel for those in the Armed Forces today, Trump will get them and us, if not the entire world, blown to extinction. This truly frightens me for the sake of all of mankind ! LIKE NERO, GOING OUT singing : “Nah nah nah hey, hey you, ….GOODBYE !!!!!! ” Congress and your Electoral College, you naughty children, you are going to bring about all of our destruction and that of the US of A. Et tu, Brute ?!?!?!?!

  • Alan Corner

    It’s a game of chess , nobody knows what Israel holds nuclear weapons wise . When this kicks off. The shift will hit all fans and quickly .

  • mksonmor

    I’ve been telling people to watch China since the fall of the USSR. We will go to war with China. It’s unavailable. I thought it would of been sooner than this.

  • 杨凯镇

    The Xisha Islands are very close to the Chinese mainland. This is not a freedom of navigation or a military provocation. It is not China’s initiative to challenge the United States but the United States to provoke China.

  • Northern Lights

    For all of you pissed off at the United States for occupying international waters, you need to be reminded of the thousands of illegal immigrants that pour into the USA daily wanting to be taken care and leeching off the system while working Americans pay for them. Violation of borders!!!!??? Seriously people.

  • robin Thompson

    Wow Chris so many retarded trolls LOOK AT A FUCKING MAP OF THE SOUTH CHINA SEA before you open your cock holsters and ask dumb questions like why is the U.S over there and see how big it is and how many of our allies are in the S.China sea FUCKING RETARDED DUMB MOTHER FUCKERS LMAO

  • McCoy byz McCoy

    Although the US Navy is a bigger better Navy China is not far behind, in fact some say as of now China has the ability to challenge us in the South China Sea because our entire Navy isn’t all at one place…. Ever and so being that mainland China is right there almost the entire Chinese Navy can respond and challenge the mighty 7th fleet, but with that being said when people look at the Chinese Navy by the numbers it sounds impressive except the fact is that a large majority of vessels they list as combat ready vessels aren’t anything of the sort! They use retrofitted cargo ships, old fishing boats retrofitted with small caliber weapons and small rockets (like iran) some ships are genuine naval vessels, frigates and such but they are very old, they have more subs than us but most are again very old and very noisy and aren’t nuclear so they are a near shore green water Navy not a blue water force able to project power and influence or meet us head on far offshore and engage us before we close on the mainland but with the new islands they’ve made they have gained a very useful and strategically important chip in the big game however those islands would most likely be one of the very first targets we would watch on CNN get pummeled by huge salvos of tomahawks, jdams or whatever weapons are best suited for the job, however to down play the severity of a confrontation like this is beyond stupid or arrogance, in fact I’m not sure the word or phrase has yet been invented that would accurately define the individual and/or that mindstate!

  • 杨凯镇

    I don’t know very well why some people think that US warships are free to sail in the Xisha Islands. This is equivalent to the freedom of the People’s Republic of China to sail in the sea within 12 nautical miles of Guam or Hawaii. So war warnings don’t make much difference. The United States will only let Russia and China not cooperate and prepare for war.

  • Don Bailey

    This is worst then listening to a leftist talking about how he hates trump.
    Both take a look at something and blow it so out of proportion
    You damn right china is a threat , shes doing the same thing japan was doing before world war two.
    However this guy isnt any better then listening to the news.

  • playlist noneofyourbusiness

    Making all this money from youtube, traveling the world. Feeding off creating fear and fake news. You got lots of money now don’t you.

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