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  • Keith Holloman

    1. Declare Nat’l Emergency
    2. Complete Wall
    3. No benies for any illegal
    4. $1,000 fines, per day, per head, for hiring illegals. (60 days to leave on your own terms).
    5. Apply for “green card”, but don’t count on it.
    6. Problem solved

  • Sherry Prahl

    TRUMP NEEDS TO ADDRESS THE FACT THAT WE HAVE 3 NEW CONGRESS MEMBERS THAT REFUSED TO SWEAR ON BIBLE Two Muslim swore on Koran and one swore on a sports book or something

  • Gail Thomas

    Yeah, we know. But, if this mess with the border with this attempt to invade our country by citizens from other countries then I say do whatever needs to be done. And this is my question to the Dems…… If you hate walls then why not take them down from around your own homes and property. If not, why not?

  • m00n69

    I read something once that said they would scare us into the NWO by having these things happen at once. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Nothing would shock me now.
    1. Stock Market crash
    2. California Earthquake
    3. North Korean Nuclear Strike impending
    4. Aliens landing on the White House Lawn
    Then we would all pee our pants and welcome the New World Order.

  • Andrew Austin

    We need a wall on the NORTHERN border, not the south.Actuall we really don’t need a wall at all, we need to ask YHWH to save us, HE is our protector! MARK MY WORDS

  • djmanny908

    this an act of war? where the hell are you white morons come from for real, those immigrants come to work some are part of gangs but the reason the US has a system is for the reason, to filter the good from the bad, you support Trump like many rednecks afraid of there shadow and everything is a reason to talk crap.

  • Seyoum Simpson

    Time is wrapping up people, Jesus is coming soon!! This United States of America will one day become a persecuted Nation. Every president that comes into office is already been selected by the elite. The people votes does not matter be not alarm, the Bible already foreseen the days that we’re living in. Please read the book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation to understand the times that we are in.

  • jackie pollard

    Wow. Pretty disappointing. You really sound ALOT like fox, CNN, MSNBC. Yep, you’re ranting just like all the others. Part of the problem with the state your country is in is that NOBODY is even trying to listen to the other side and SEARCH or OFFER any possible solutions. All you do is name call those who happen to disagree with your point of view. Very, very tiresome.

  • Timothy Burke

    It was funny those photos of people building walls, using who to build them? Obviously the pictures showed a bunch of Latin Americans. The elite are such Hippocrates. Also, those Bibles they put hands on, all of them say not to swear oaths in Matthew. Yahuah is the one God. Yahusha is his Son. Open your eyes to the truth followers.

  • Robert Walsh

    You cover all bases.. If this has to be explained to Americans.. Maybe America has had its chance.. This is not rocket science. ?

  • dartsman 501

    All I want is the cultural Marxism to stop. Illegal immigration is a large part of the problem and it needs to stop now! Build the fucking wall now! Or, start using lead to stop the invasion!

  • Vince M

    No one has declared anything. The media has not even mentioned martial law. I doubt a national emergency will be declared at this time. This guy is fake news.

  • Duane Coursey

    No one will ever take Americans guns if you had officer show up at your door and they confiscated your guns I don’t even know how to express anything to that no officer or amount of officers will show up at my door and take my weapons nine if they try no one’s going home to dinner

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