Reality Check: How Prevalent is the Global Child Sex Trade in the U.S.?

Reality Check with Ben Swann:

It’s a disheartening statistic: the child sex trafficking market is resulting in more than 1 million children abused around the world each year.

So how has this market proliferated? And what’s being done to address it in the U.S.?

This is Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

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  • CarmenDelCrec

    Nothing makes my blood boil more than pedophilia. I can’t even express in words what I wish upon all child molesters.

  • Black Conservative Patriot

    Swann is covertly coveting pizzagate again. I was waiting for him to dip his toe in this arena again. Bravo Brother Ben for calling attention to the real problem: the despicable predators aka johns of child sex. Let’s find them and end this , the most evil and vile of demonic practices.

  • Kyle Ernst

    We wont see change as long as elected officials, judges, lawyers, police, teachers and others with authority over children are allowed to run free without any investigations. This is the conspiracy that is being covered up with all the other nonsensical issues that “others” come up with as distractions. IE the Russians are coming, accuse Trump of having sex with someone, guns in schools…I believe the latest events, shootings and such, were all contrived events to keep this silent. If they will rape a child then they have no problem killing people.

  • Spiral Journey

    Keep in mind that this report addresses the sexual arm of the trade (thank you, Ben).
    This rabbit hole goes so much deeper.

  • Tracey M

    You bring tears to my eyes Ben for not giving up on this despite how hard they’ve tried to shut you down. Much love <3

  • Guinness

    So if you’re a millionaire or billionaire serial child molester you only get 13 months for it. Because the judges are at it too. When’s this swamp getting drained? No time soon obviously

  • crown lion

    Ben, you should look int the “Creepy Elsa & Spiderman Videos” they get over 40MILLION views within a day and Pedos use the chat sections to speak to eachother. I have a feeling YTUBE is in on it or knows what is going on. They are somehow allowing them to reach millions of views while profiting off of the monetization on the videos. Wit YT’s close monitoring, there is no way they dont know something fishy is going on. tTHE VIDEOS ARE NOT MEANT FOR KIDS!

  • Richard Rivera

    The most trusted man in America. Way to go Ben. Honest, hard hitting, caring. Reporting what others don’t have the guts to investigate. Thanks.

  • doubstercom

    Men like Epstein should be locked up forever!
    Ross Ulbricht get’s life in prison and the disgusting criminals using such platforms get 13 month ??? What is justice?

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