Ben Swann ON: Do CEO’s Make Too Much Money?

Manila speaks with Investigative Journalist Ben Swann on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s compensation which gave him a 22 percent raise earning him an additional $12 million for the year. They discuss what this means in the wake of Apple losing profits, the gap in the wages of Apple store employees and corporate executives and consumer power.


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  • whyomgwhywtf

    Yaaaaassssss the decline of apple is finally here!! Keep paying him millions, keep selling shit, keep killing yourself slowly. Makes me happy 🙂

  • Taelan Baylor

    Not only do these companies not pay taxes they get subsidies to build in different cities. Wise business man once said “It costs what it costs”. In other words you cant build a billion dollar bridge for $500m, otherwise it will collapse. The cost of an iphone is the cost of a damn iphone. No matter what we are paying for it, and Amazon’s delivery, the “cheap price” at the point of sale is payed through higher taxes, government debt, inflation and other things. Without all these government subsidies and artificially low wages more people would be able to afford these things without all the smoke and mirrors.

  • Taelan Baylor

    “Does a private jet make sense in Tim Cook’s contract?”
    “Ben I think it can”
    Agreed. There are many times in the work day, in the smartphone, instant messaging, amazon delivery world, that people need to be at a certain place at a certain time, and CEO’s losing whole days around scheduling a flight bogs things down. With a private plane you might need to show up 5 minutes early, but schedule anytime you want, with a commercial flight maybe you can do 1 hour early, but need to negotiate flight schedules which takes you away from your job of managing your company.

  • Nacho Slave

    The question of his wages is between investors, the board & tim. My issue with apple besides the product is the taxes they are allowed not to pay & that is the fault of local, state & federal governments. If you are not an investor then the only other voice is with your paycheck & whether you buy their goods

  • rothschild war bank

    Of the biggest 100 companies in america in 1900 only 15 of them were in the top 100 in 2000…its very rare for a very large company to continue to be successful after the founder dies, not taxing them does not change that. Policies that help promote small business give that rare individual with business talent the best chance of becoming a big job creator and should then pay high taxes to keep the field level

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