I Spent The Night In The Banksy Hotel And It Was AMAZING!

In this video, Luke joins us from the famed Walled Off Hotel by none other than Banksy. It is an experience that truly must be seen to be believed. Join me as I spent the night in the Banksy Hotel and it was amazing!

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  • John Connor

    im sure its a kitty corner gun that bends around corners and blasts people .. the cat is to distract you long enough to stand there and die when the shotgun goes off.. all while your safe around the corner 4:10

  • r1too

    I didn’t know this existed. I do however know about Banksy. I also know his story about how he came about.. What a story. His art looking like graffiti is now accident. Banksy is “I don’t give a F, I am doing it” Well, he did it.

  • finian jeory

    The deeds committed and being committed throughout the world by the Zionists shows us Evil very much exists and the responsibility we all face to expose and destroy it.

  • David Adams

    Gosh I feel so terrible for those Palestinians. They’re just sitting in their homes watching television and drinking tea when the Israelis come in kitty guns blazing and wreck the place. I mean I guess it’s nice to get a phone call first, but wow! Just wow! Those Israelis must be just terrible people to destroy the peaceful Palestinians for no reason at all. Nice hotel though. Thanks for the video.

  • awakened by truth

    Well you should go back to France! they’re all pulling their money out the bank this Saturday! I don’t know how it’s going to work out. but I would sure like to see. like how you covered it the last time but they’re doing it without violence this time.they are just pulling all their money out the bank at once this time. Just an idea. if you didn’t have anything going on Saturday?

  • islandonlinenews

    I have that exact sony 3 ccd camera. I used it to film the first chemtrail documentary ever made called “Chemtrails the Documentary”. It’s on youtube.

  • Lookingup andwaiting

    Very interesting tour and history. Sad the world can’t get along, Bible says love of money is root of all evil so look who will profit from all conflict….very said money means more than lives…

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