Paradigm Shift Central: Team Building Circle. March 29, 2018.
A real world interactive game to help shift consciousness.
Creating conscious media and building a global team of Shifters and Paradigm Shift Communities.

Join the Hangout Directly (Must have profile on the main website):
*Link will be online at 9pm EST. Please join early if you can before we go live.

Main Website Link:

Mp3 Available After Broadcast

Broadcast Preface:
Broadcast Preface:
As the story continues to unfold it is imperative that we continue to create digital space for us to come together as a global team of Shifters to continue to help share our stories and collectively cultivate support, inspirational, and shared momentum that we continue to integrate and bring with us on our journeys. 

Download the mobile app if you have not yet at

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Monthly micro donation asking amount just $3-5.

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Hosted by Brendon Culliton


Featured Shifters:



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