You Won’t Believe What We Saw In Mogadishu, Somalia

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange travels with Jeff Berwick the Dollar Vigilante to Mogadishu, Somalia to take you inside an extremely underreported story of global significance.

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  • gophervision

    Luke you are my favorite journalist. The work you do is valuable to us all and you are under appreciated in your time. Stay safe, stay awesome.

  • Ivan C

    There are parts in the u.s that look like Somalia you aint got to travel across the world, soon the whole world will follow. You guys should bring henry rollins with you.

  • walter Robinson

    Divide and conquer or spread false b.s. to make it seem like America is the good guys helping the poor natives.P.s. the Indians.We know how that turned out.

  • WonkaaVision

    Thanks for checking out what is happening from a hotel roof inside a compound with three walls two moats ones with piranhas and one with sharks. I feel better informed of the situation.

    No useful info on important issues…. like how much is it for an ounce of weed and do they do door to door delivery service.

  • MajestueuseLouisa

    Sufism is a tradition in islam, it’s not about being moderate or not. Every muslim can initiate Sufism in different level, you can be Sunni or Shiite it don’t matter. There are no moderations in islam, christans, or jewish religions, there are only choices you make and road to fallow. Stop putting sunni or shiite people on a box ‘who’s the most or who’s the less”. As a reporter you need to learn more about topics that you approach the majority of your vids and you will learn more about world conflict.

  • James

    We need more people like you actually going there and seeing for yourself rather than relying on sources that you can’t confirm to be completely true. Stay safe.

  • Aly H

    John Bolton should watch this maybe he’d learn something 😉 nah, he dont wanna learn he knows he dont care they have other motives. Trump has been disappointing..on foreign policy especially. take your head out of your ass man

  • Christobal Colombo

    so the terrorists in that country are supported by Saudi Arabia, Murica is killing countless people in that country in the name of fighting terror, yet is closely allied with Saudi Arabia, does that sum it up?

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