Coming Home to Northern Pagan Traditions After Exploring Eastern Mysticism – Aki Cederberg

Aki Cederberg is a writer, traveler, musician, and filmmaker who gives talks and lectures on esoteric subjects. He has written for several publications including The Fenris Wolf book series. He is the author of Journeys in the Kali Yuga: A Pilgrimage from Esoteric India to Pagan Europe. Aki is a member of several Finnish musical groups and is a contributor to the Radio Wyrd podcast. He lives in Helsinki, Finland.

Aki joins us for a wide-ranging esoteric discussion about the northern European spiritual tradition and his revelatory journeys throughout India. Aki recounts that he reconnected with his own northern European tribal roots in Finland by observing the religious and spiritual practices of Hinduism. Aki likens his wanderings to the journey of the shaman, Odin, and other archetypal seekers of knowledge. Henrik and Aki emphasize the need for a revisiting of our own native European traditions and customs to rediscover our own latent spirituality. Aki describes Journeys in the Kali Yuga as a book about the spiritual crisis of Western man as well as a literal and metaphysical homecoming.

In the members’ part, we focus on the Norse tradition and the folk beliefs of Northern Europe. Henrik and Aki address the unique demonization of northern European paganism that has served to sever our roots. We discuss the recent vilification of the Norwegian ski team for their use of ancient runes; and the pessimistic reduction of pagan beliefs by the contemporary Left.

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About The Author


  • Tor Down

    The Christian is immunized against all dangers, one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, cuck, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him the worshipper of a dead kike and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back not true you are da joo…

  • Frankish Empire

    Sun´s Day | Moon´s Day | Tyrs Day | Wodan´s Day | Thor´s Day | Freya´s Day and then unluckily Saturn´s Day 🙁

  • Void

    If I could say one thing to you and your guest on this topic it would be to stop mocking those who are taking their first steps into the Old Ways and NEVER, EVER use the word “LARPING” again. You JUST got through heaping praise upon the warriors of Hinduism before mocking your own! While it’s not my thing, it’s a way for some folks to take baby steps into a very large world and away from a very controlling existence and this is scary stuff and they do NOT need this kind of Sneeches on the Beaches snottiness. Get a hold of yourselves before you speak in this way. I have so much to say on this topic that posting it would be my first book…do NOT do that again. You may not think it’s (LARPING) genuine and you may be right on some kind of techy atheist level, but those are OUR people and those are THEIR first steps in cobbling back together what the Middle East has taken away of our traditions and you are doing no one any favors by mocking it. Spirituality is delicate and can be crushed by this mindset EASILY. Folks need the strength and safety of tribal cohesion to make these traditions live again. Otherwise, good talk.

  • TrueNationalSocialistWoman

    I renounced Christianity when I was around 18, now I’m 23 and I’ve never been so happy as a firm believer in our pre-Christian Nordic religion. That Semitic mind virus will eventually die out in Europe, to be replaced by our pre-Christian faith, and thus will lead to a European ethno-nationalist renaissance!

  • Gaylord Retclyffe

    Interesting, but ultimately what a waste of time! (Although traveling and learning isn’t). The only radical who ever lived (imho) was Jesus (Christianity has next to nothing to do with him, it’s just Judaism for Europeans, as Islam is Judaism for Arabs, Blacks, and Asians). The trouble is that people search for truth further and further away, either geographically or historically. They look and look and explore and overlook the Truth right at their own doorsteps. Jesus demolished Judaism (no temple, no sacrifices, no intermediaries between God and man, no organized religion), went into the wilderness or some mountain and was still (prayed). Our Father: we carry God within, no shaman, no sadhu, no priest, rabbi, ayatollah is needed, or wanted. Jesus went far beyond religion and paganism, He set people free to be God-immediate, no technique needed, no ritual or ceremony required, just stillness.No wonder both Jews and Pagans wanted Him dead (I am writing this on Good Friday 2018). German medieval mysticism (Heinrich Suso, Meister Eckart, et al.) is so much more radical than all Churchianity or paganism. You want to really shock people? Ecce homo: look at the man, stripped of all the crap the (((church))) wrapped Him in, freed from all historical dogma, and you’ll be surprised. Neither sagas, books, traditions, wise men mean anything at all. The only thing left is you, breathing, being, silent, at peace, at One. This is so dangerous to both established Christianity and Paganism that few dare to go where angels fear to tread. We do not need to come “home” but to our senses.

  • Malal

    When christans start talking about their religon being the “truth” reminds me of a certain group of goatfuckers

  • Rahul M

    Hinduism or vedic dharma is considered to have been existing forever since the dawn of civilization stretching across borders , the most original , pristine faith , the most natural one in accordance with nature. It’s origin are in Indian sub continent, as per the best available evidence

    Norse , Greco Roman paganism , Egyptian mythology etc are all its manifestations. They experience the one true divine essence in multiple forms and ways . It is more open , broad , flexible than the Abrahamic trash and can live in peace with any religion. It is feminist to the core with female divinities and dignitaries and warriors and scholar way before the so called feminism in the west. It is also open to homosexuals. And even Atheists can have their participation without blasphemy

    A rich tradition far superior and intellectual than the violent islam , Judaism and the fake loving , homophobic christianity. However , Judaism and other Abrahamic traditions killed the rich native traditions and drove the world into shit. The ancient Greece was great because of paganism
    Now the only roots existing are hinduism in India and neo paganism and Norse followed in the west.

    Thankfully , people are discovering their true roots and hopefully they will drive Abrahamic trash away . Paganism and vedic religion will take the world forward with peace and will resound perfectly with science.

  • Vlad

    I see this topic is to deep for some of the Christians who comment, so there comments are childish and display the same ignorance as the followers of that other desert cult, Islam. But Christianity has been a very good con trick by the Jews upon the Europeans. Christianity ( which does spring from Judaism) taught everyone was equal, all brothers, and the mono god loved them all the same, though he loved the Jews just that bit more as they are his special people. Its an incredible con trick to get people to believe that the god you follow actually places an alien people above you and they are happy with that. From then on things were bound to slowly go downhill and it certainly has.

  • timmytide1

    This is exactly why Europe is being destroyed! You can’t reject the one true God and embrace idols and false gods like the Vikings did…look what happened to them too!


  • Stefan Verstappen

    There’s nothing to be found in India but a billion superstitious semi savages that shit in the streets.

  • BeatingTracksOutOfBabylon

    Yggdrasil is Yahweh. Yahshua Ha’mashiach erroneously named Jesus Christ is Yggdrasil’s ultimate blood sacrifice for the earth.

    Catholic Paganism ftw. Down with Roman Catholicism and anyone who makes their bed with them.

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger

    Fuck this! I may be white but if this is what your going to turn to then you deserve to die and be bred out
    YHVY is the ONLY Elohim! All the rest of what you are worshipping is dumb idols and demons!

  • Jason M

    thought Odin and the like was purely a Norwegian thing. Was this practiced throughout Europe? Honesty, Im ignorant of such things.

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