Flashback Friday – Ep10 – American Psychological Association: “Traditional Masculinity” is Harmful

In the 10th episode of Flashback Friday we’ll talk about Steve King & Gavin McInnes in the aftermath of their attempts to reason with the left. Also, the American Psychological Association listed “traditional masculinity” as being harmful.

A White weatherman, Jeremy Kappell was fired for miss-speaking and Madeleine Peltz from Media Matters calls for YouTube to terminate Red Ice TV’s YouTube channel. Adam Green briefly joins to discuss his appearance on Infowars’ show The War Room with Owen Shroyer.

Later, Vice News ridiculed conservatives fleeing liberal hell holes to go live with other conservatives in a nice White neighborhood.

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  • OrphanPaper

    population birth replacement drop off is a natural effect of over population i wonder just who setting the standards for what ok India or china over population in the reason for every problem facing the world today and stopping imagination in the answer ,,not increasing it with to create a social degeneration of our standards of living we worked for through the realistic Marxist /capitalist Paradise we live in because in reality there not far apart its politicians with there own agenda that create hell holes

  • Jim B

    You two are adorable! And your true fans (myself and my wife included) absolutely love you. All three of you! They will not divide US!! My subscription to the Members site ran out the day after XMas, but I promise I’ll be renewing very soon. 🤜🤛

  • Marina Price

    Theodore Adornio look at the of him at the beach pic his right hand is deformed missing fingers at the knuckle joint the pic with him holding the book shows it too.

  • JustAintThatWay

    58m – “Like a pack of sheboon hags.” LOLOLOL.
    Red Ice – come for the evidence based views; stay for the eviscerating funnies.

  • T Tyrell

    There is nothing masculine about muslims. The run at the first sign of trouble, desert families during war and brutalize women and children. Gutless cowards.

  • Marina Price

    Adorno’s eyes are crooked as well, yeah healthy guys with normal hands and eyes all wrong obviously with out our modern society this guy would not make it very far.

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    No such thing as judeo-Christians. Jews killed The Christian God incarnate on earth. The Christian God promises personal salvation in His Kingdom. The jews are waiting for their messiah to conquer their enemies and rule this world. Christians celebrate miracles. Jews celebrate victories and losses with their enemies. Christ teaches you get to Heaven by His Grace alone, not by deeds or who you are. Jews preach they are chosen and superior. Even atheist Jews quote the Bible to validate their hate and supremacist views. There is nothing Biblical to support a chosen people or a land promised or coveted to anyone. Jews conflate everyone favored by God in the Bible as a Jew. Abraham, Moses, Jacob were not Jews. Jacob had 10 sons, from whom we get the 12 lost tribes (and from 2 nephews). One was Judea.

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    The ones hurt the most by open borders are poor whites who have to compete with more and more job seekers, for fewer and fewer jobs. And I’m sure poor whites have nothing to do with colonialism or American involvement on foreign shores.

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