STONE COLD GUILTY – The People v. Scott Lee Peterson


What Stone Cold Guilty can offer that will set it apart from other books on the case includes – intimate, accessible, real-time reporting and analysis that did not appear in mainstream media. – Compelling evidence that Laci was already dead and had been taken to the Bay before 10:08 am December 24, 2002 – That Peterson made two trips to the San Francisco Bay and why the prosecutors did not present that theory at trial. – Peterson self-sabotaged the “perfect crime” because of his personality. – Fruit of the investigation that was not introduced (or not admitted) at trial, including results of the various dog tracking, sonar findings, and specific deep-water research on Peterson’s computer. – An exclusive series chronicling the underwater investigation, with photographs, charts and expert narrative provided by Gene Ralston, head of Ralston & Associates, a side-scan sonar expert involved in the search for Laci Peterson.


Category: Opperman Report
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