ESPN Doubles Down on “Social Justice” Issues While Conservatives Tune Out – Seeking Insight

ESPN used to be all about sports. In recent years, however, the network has veered into the realm of progressive evangelizing. But is this a wise move?

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  • Dennis Gannon

    They are not called “dumb jocks” for no reason. Many now know that pro sports are rigged, fixed, scripted. Huge gambling profits by pro sports team owners are made that way, they have to, as attendance at all games is shrinking. ESPN sees this also and is trying to morph into new directions and the dwindling ratings force it to. Change, adapt, or die. The majority are stupid and deceived, so it will pander to the majority. Dumb public, Dumb jocks, birds of a feather flock together.

  • rivercarper01

    They want to force feed their poison from every angle, no matter what channel the sheeple watch on Jew-vision, they will get a good mind altering dose.

  • Frances Haypenny

    What Obamacare is to the health industry, ESPN is to the Cable industry. Both are rackets and a means to inject leftist horseshit into our lives, overtly and covertly, by forcing us to buy products we don’t want. While the government forbids choice in health insurance, there’s nothing preventing us from canceling cable.

  • Did Niggards Do That?

    It’s pathetic as a majority white nation, once a 90% white nation, we get sports where blacks are the vast majority of the signed players. As if it is mentally healthy for a white nation to sit around cheering for almost nothing but black men for hours a year. Even though I mostly do not watch sports and when I do try to ignore it. It is still a sickening fact.

  • winsomehax

    LOL. Vox Day was right. Even in the face of tanking ratings because people are sick of SJW bullshit… and all their polling shows this… SJWs ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN.

  • toulouse666

    ESPN will continue to double-down into complete irrelevance and bankruptcy, as the good progressive degenerates they they let themselves devolve into.

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