Germany Heading For RECESSION! – What You NEED To Know

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the collapse of the German economy as the country sees another incoming recession following manufacturing numbers recently calculated as well as the continued fall of Deutsche Bank.
Europe’s major economic powerhouse, Germany is seeing the end of another cycle of centralization and debt. With the worst numbers since 2008, the year over year production dropped -4.6%.
German industry itself dropped an incredible -1.9%. The concern is growing and with the loss of faith in the German economy and DAX, this will surely be met with the crash of the system in general. The only thing keeping it propped up is faith and that faith is false.
This massive crash could easily affect Greece and Italy as well. The issue is, this behemoth of the European Union is part of a massive domino collapse worldwide as we see the end of the Everything Bubble approach and Deutsche Bank alongside countless other lenders crash.
This was bound to happen eventually which is why it’s so important to be prepared for the inevitable. All fiat currencies eventually fall. All propped up, manipulated markets eventually fall. Self sustainability is key!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Genus Musa

    I am expecting more QE. Interest rate are already low and the Central banks only use rates and QE. It’s going to get a little messy.

  • hadi fehlauer

    Germany has become a Nation of PERPETRATORS and Gangstalkers,even worse,there is same Programm of slowkill and via DEW weapons with paystalkers as in US. With the difference: Mr. Trump want to abolish evil kabale,whereas our Chancellor Merkel has been watching our country “kapputting”.1 Million children are suffering from hunger and an average Medical Doctor for instance in Hamburg,who has to pay 1900 Euro per months rent, but earning only 2200 Euro,could not afford having kids.This is shaming. BUT: sorry, to mention that,I am Not against all asylant People,if they come to Germany with 5 Kids,they are getting EASILY everything from Social MONEY to real estate homes.
    World us going down bc of criminals,who severely run our World.Germany now is a Diktatur! Complete Europe will be done pdq;except Mr Trump would start a brave New World without these greedy Monsters. Money/currency Crash will soon overrun us.

  • Patriot Trucker

    They are all headed for recession. The crap deals they’ve been pulling on America for 15years, are all going down and America is rising up. I wish no harm to others but if you sow it,then you reap it.

  • Nur Fuer-Bewertungen

    Once again, alternative channel World Alternative Media, is far more informative than the German broadcasting funded by a forced and hidden taxation called ‘contribution’! So sad…

  • Michael Bro

    I‘m from Germany and sadly I have to say that the german truther movement ist an absolut desaster. Nearly 80-85% of this „truther“ bashes the capitalism over the Problems in Germany and Europe. They are deep in socialist Propaganda and know nothing about libertarism. They don‘t even know the word !!! Only hope is a Party called alternative for Germany/Deutschland (Short: afd). they arent complete libertarians, only some of them, but high Level liberal. Thats the reason why our mass Media call them „Nazis“ around the clock and most People here believe this brainwashing machine. Germany ist lost 😔

  • ilmephax

    greetings from germany…. your video is full of bullshit. you have no damn clue how the germany economy works…. nobody gives a fuck about stockmarket like in the usa… you have a bubble economy…. we have a production economy….

  • Max Ley

    Someone needs to organize the Yellow Vests not withdraw their FIAT, but to buy the Yellow metal, now that is something that would truly bring the system down!
    Imagine $38 Billion in consumer deposits all trying to buy Gold and Silver and crypto in the same week, the banks and the Gov would be screwed!

  • Dan Taz

    John: Jack Frost done lost his mind!
    Josh: Alright, John, get the plane.

    **Music starts playing**
    Uh, uh…. yea yea yea yeaaaa
    ~ Will Smith – Miami

    Sorry, it reminded me of that song LOL

  • Rosemary Creagh

    Thanks again Josh and team – love your info on Europe I am Swiss living in UK so its always greattoget good info of home – continent- love your senserity and smile ha xx

  • Thomas Benoit

    Please listen. You are not even trying to understand what I have been telling you. Deflation cannot be postponed indefinitely. Low interest rates could not stop it and buying bonds as the purchaser of last resort could not stop it. The Fed has lost billions buying bonds that had no buyers. They are now divesting not adding to their positions. This negates everything you are saying. It is like a snake eating its own tail to stay fed. Inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. WE HAVE OVERCAPACITY IN EVERY SINGLE SECTOR!!! This is the opposite of inflation. Printing money and giving it to the banks in digital form will not address this fact. It only creates more duress to the hopelessly underwater taxpayers who always get defrauded as their lives are but fuel to the few. Please please please stop misleading my brothers by saying commodities silver gold and bitcoin are the answer when this is simply a lie. The real owners of this flat plane within the matrix between the waters have always made such things illegal when the piper had to be paid. Rant over. I was born in port Huron Michigan because my moms gynecologist was there from Sarnia Ontario in 1956 covering both sides of the Saint clair river. I loved growing up there playing hockey and going to leadership camps with kids from both sides. I have lived in Appalachia for the past 33 years in sw Virginia but long for the snow and cold. I ran 3 100 mile races the last few years, dozens of marathons in the us, Europe and an ultra marathon in Stockholm. I love the experiments going on in Norway and Sweden knowing they cannot succeed but would still love to witness the collapses firsthand if only to learn their lessons.

  • :D Campbell

    Sorry man, lost all respect once you started quoting from the Daily Mail. Its the equivalent of a gossip magazine mixed with lies.

  • darren martin

    hey you guys love your show, what have you heard of a bill in i dunno the house or congress not to sure, but has something to do with income tax in the us , a ten percent flat tax collected by the states, fed tax more stuff! can you check it out ? H-25 is the bill

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