The Ochelli Effect 11-28-2018 Joeseph Flatley Hour 2 Satan’s Mind Control Convention

The Ochelli Effect 11-28-2018 Joeseph Flatley Hour 2
Satan’s Mind Control Convention

Joe Flatley has been a guest previously. This time he came to the show to talk about his new book. This time Chuck and Joe cover Satanic Panic and other paranoia to explore his latest tome

Satan Goes To The Mind Control Convention, Manchurian Candidates, and the Dark Side of Conspiracy Culture (and other stories), Is the title of Flatley’s latest effort.

It sounds like what one might vomit up after being restrained in a dark room, deprived of sleep for five days, with audio from Youtube’s worst conspiracy stuff and Alex Jones cranked to 11 in surgically implanted earbuds.

There is an image you will never be able to remove from your memory without erasing parts of your mind MKULTRA-style.

Titled like a conspiracy salad made from GMO-only ingredients, Satan Goes To The Mind Control Convention is a solid and entertaining rebuke of the truth about truth media with more food for thought than is on the menu at most standard alternative media cafes. Unlike the Fear-porn based recipes of the fast food nation of anti-information Flatley nourishes the mind for fans of the all you can eat variety.
Satan’s Mind Control Convention

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If you buy the paperback the ebook is free.

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  • rodger rodger

    The pizza shop was a deliberate intentional red herring. And the people who ran the place played into the theory while simultaneously denying it. The Podesta emails can’t be refuted. That is why the pizza place was used as a big distraction.

  • rodger rodger

    Jones’s operation is a CIA front, it is deliberate psychological warfare. How do I know this? 1. Jones admitted it. 2. Josh Reeves has been pointing this out for a decade.

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