Canada’s New Impaired DRIVING LAWS, You Won’t Believe What They Can NOW Do Under Bill C-46!!!

It’s official, Canada is operating under a police state! When the police can claim you’re intoxicated without needing reasonable suspicion that you are…When they can come into your home two hours after you’ve been driving and demand a breathalyzer otherwise you’ll be arrested…When they can forcibly take a sample of your DNA at the side of the road without needing a reason, you know it’s official…we’re in a police state and the Canadian government is clearly NOT looking out for the best interest of it’s people. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers an aspect of Bill C-46 no one else seems to be talking about…the mandatory collection of DNA samples with no need for a reason which is Canada’s greatest violation of our basic fundamental rights and freedoms since the G20 came to Toronto in 2010.


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  • Geoff Thomson

    Welcome to Australia !!! Yep some one complain & the Police came to my home to breath test me. I meet them at the door with a beer in my hand & asked them if they wanted one !! LOL Subject dropped

  • Vim Hill

    come on, we live in a country where you can murder someone and receive a slap on the wrist, this is just a gift to lawyers

  • Brandon Barkman

    Not that we could ever get enough people on board for this idea. but if we could just get enough people not to go out to any establishment that serves alcohol for one month I’m sure the economy would take such a shit kicking we could get the government to overturn this piece of shit legislation 🤯

  • Vern Evens

    Dan, I also heard that not only can the cops come to your house and demand a breathalyzer but you have to prove that you weren’t driving. That means that they can possibly choose people at random.

  • Enjoy!

    Ba ha ha ha ha ha , come on sheeople, READ and you will find out you have no right, not even the ones that OUR CREATOR gave us.
    They have THUGS with GUNS to tell the SLAVES what they can and can’t do!

  • Randomness

    If they’re so worried about people being inebriated on drugs, such as alcohol (beer, wine, spirits, etc.) or other non-state authorized substance use while driving, then a cheaper and better solution would be for manufactures to incorporate (and/or make mandatory) a breathalyzer in each and every vehicle before it can be started. That would be fairer, and cheaper for all involved and would do a lot more good, than overall harm.

    Doing so would also mean there’s no costly legal fees for both the tax payers (government) and the citizens being sodomized by that ideologically draconian Bill C-46, pseudo-legal system.

    Oh and let’s not forget… the Draconian DrugTester 5000 also tests for other substances, but not ‘legal’ drugs, such as ~ 50% of legal pharmaceutical drugs on the market that cause inebriation… no, those are somehow acceptable even if they say “don’t operate heavy machinery”.

  • BSS Boxer

    There will be many charter challenges on this law. And the challenges will win. ITs a clear violation of charter rights.

  • Bob Denneny

    They will log your name after your breathalyzer and they can just get your DNA off of the mouth piece and log it into their system.

  • jordanretro

    Police charge me 500 $ and 4 demerit point for sitting in my car in middle of February when the weather is like -30 only ting I did is being parking of a bar I contested the ticket and won police do shady arrests all the time

  • Claire Bone

    Canada is just another 3rd world banana republic run by idiots. Problem is the next election has nothing better to offer.Sad days for a once great country.

  • XO SO

    (4) No person commits an offence under subsection (3) if
    (a) they consumed the drug or the alcohol or both after ceasing to operate a motor vehicle or vessel, or after ceasing to operate or assist in the operation of an aircraft or railway equipment or after ceasing to have the care or control of a motor vehicle, a vessel, an aircraft or railway equipment; and
    (b) after ceasing the activities described in paragraph (a), they had no reasonable expectation that they would be required to provide a sample of a bodily substance.

    You are a liar that works by spreading incomplete information. Now while this might create, heck it will create a case in time when someone needs to prove they got intoxicated after the operation that’s going to be a few one off events. I don’t agree with expanding the police powers and changing the law but as you presented it, it is far too alarmist.

  • LookattheBiggerPic

    Wow, I always thought Canadians were some of the happiest people on the planet – But now, it seems, the Canadian GovernMental has truly gone certifiably Mental, determined to make Canadians the most Unhappy People on the planet. I wish I could say its better here in the States but the governMental bodies here are just as corrupt and twisted as any – many supposed representatives having spent most of their adult lives in office and now have amassed a fortune in what should be utterly illegal pocket lining from corps – this simply should Not be but it is – its like a very bad dream or a very B-class movie come to life in our time – its like we all were recently transported from our previously most pleasant thread of existence into a very dark, dank and twisted version of what once was or at least should have been… Government > the New Organized Crime Syndicate! Much thanks for all you do!

  • Jeff Bryan

    This is perfect for the vindictive.  When someone is accused of being a racist or Nazi it’s vague and difficult to proof … because there’s NO breathalyzer for THAT…  However with this law and a little imagination ANYONE can easily harass or even get a victim locked up.

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