Victoria BC Under State Of Emergency… Climate Emergency, That Is


Victoria BC under a state of climate emergency so says Ned Taylor, CRD Director, on local Marxist radio station, CFAX 1070.

Ned Taylor, Lisa Helps, and Maja Tait will be submitting a motion to the CRD Environment Committee to declare a state of climate emergency in the region. Why? Guest: Ned Taylor, Saanich councillor.


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  • dks13827

    True story….. I have been thinking of a vacation to Victoria this summer…………………. I doubt I will go there. Nor anyplace in suck ass Canada. It sucks. They hate men, also. The government does.

  • DamnDirtyApe

    I will not set foot again in Victoria until Sir John A MacDonald’s statue is replaced in its original state. And that butch dyke carpet muncher Lisa Helps has conerted to suckin dick.
    And don’t you judge me or my feelings.
    Juz sayin . . .

  • Organic Mechanic

    AGENDA 2030 is what this loser is pushing for. AGENDA 21 is for the local municipalities and AGENDA 2030 is for the Nation level. Ned and Lisa are satanists and Communists and are paid pawns by the globalists who want a MASSIVE depopulation of anywhere between 70-90%!!! Ask anyone that grows food or plants and they will be the first ones to tell you that CARBON IS PLANT FOOD!!! When we go to full 5G with electric cars everywhere, you will notice that trees and foliage and anything green will start dying and substantially dwindle away. The United Nations along with the big money families (the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Soros and the whole lot) want you DEAD!!! and the remaining few under a full Hunger Games type scenario way of living! This means: No human activity in the outdoors! (including living in the woods) except for tiny highly regulated zones to use and city ONLY dwelling! Stack’n pack housing! (hence why you see so much construction downtown and why they are building on top of all the Robbins Parking lots). This AGENDA will have FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE!!! This is why you are seeing bike lanes everywhere. It’s all apart of the AGENDA. This AGENDA wants EVERYBODY to: live, work and play all within a few blocks from each other. No need for cars. Just bicycles and self driving cars. The future doesn’t want you to own ANYTHING!!! Just rent. This includes your: House, automated car, bicycles, cellphones and everything else! Plus the AGENDA wants to raise your children and dictate how many you can have and terminate however many they want! It’s all written on the Georgia Guidestones. Lisa Helps and ALL of the politicians WANT YOU DEAD!!! and are against humanity and the Earth and most importantly: AGAINST GOD!!!! Victoria BC has now become Sodom and Gomorrah and GOD DESTROYED that abomination just like He will do to Victoria. The Jezebel/Scarlett whore city this is.

  • Organic Mechanic

    We need to take to the streets and crowd city hall with the truth written on signs for all to read plus we need to start holding public meetings educating the people about AGENDA 21/2030 and the 5G network!

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