The Federal Reserve Is DESPERATE! – This Will NOT End Well!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the most recent moves by the Federal Reserve to desperately prop up the US economy as it reaches its inevitable end.
Janet Yellen, former chair of the Fed said recently that it’s very likely that the Fed has made its last interest rate hike of this cycle. Interestingly, in 2017 she claimed we wouldn’t see another financial crisis in our lifetime and then followed that up in 2018 by saying we may be able to see another financial crisis. Now it appears she’s just covering herself for the inevitable crash of the USD as it loses faith and countries around the world swap out of it.
Team this with the inverting yield curve, the everything bubble world wide, the bankrupt banking system and more, it looks like we are seeing the beginning signs of the greatest crash in world history as the dominoes start to fall.

Jerome Powell has also been all over the map and the Federal Reserve is showing obvious signs of desperation. It’s only a matter of time. The longer it’s put off, the worse it will be. All fiat currencies eventually fail. They always have, they always will.

What we can do is simply decentralize everything, be self sustainable, financially responsible. We need to be educated and we need to rule ourselves!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • General South

    It amazes me that we can send rockets to other planets but can’t come up with a monetary system that is not inflationary and can’t be manipulated. There is no other excuse than it is purposely by design.

  • Reggie Abernethy

    We are basically in negative interest territory now when you consider banks pay nothing to savers and charge outrageous fees. Banks have basically instituted bail-ins by limiting access to deposits for days when checks clear practically instantaneously.

  • Todd Krough

    i lived on Hendricks Isle for 10 years rent was 65 dollars a week when i first moved there. it’s off of las olas in ft lauderdale. 100 hendricks isle apt b. its changed alot now there is high rent so i avoid it like the plauge.

  • Bárbara Herda

    Keep up the fantastic, detailed and journalistic reporting men! Have patience, I’ve learned a lot, and it’s definitely frustrating trying to help others when they just don’t want to hear the message about the Ponzi scheme of the central bank fractional reserve system. Don’t give up, we must work TOGETHER to decentralize the current FIAT financial system and get it backed at least partially by gold.

  • Thomas Benoit

    The heat is wilting you guys. Get back up north you hosers. I already explained to you that the bond market sets interest rates not the Fed. The federal reserve is contracting its balance sheet not expanding it. Do I have to explain to you what that means. The Banks of Europe, Switzerland, China and Japan are expanding theirs. All you have to do is ask and I will explain it to you. I know you need money to travel but your theories are dead and buried. WE ARE heading into deflation not inflation. The only possible way inflation could get another last gasp is if the money printing reaches the little guy. Even if it does by way of bad loans it will not matter if the Fed contacts and sells its paper. Bankruptcy and repudiation WILL pound through the system and ALL assets will deflate including gold, land and bitcoin. This once in a lifetime cyclic low can only be postponed, not stopped.

  • driverx 36158

    The problem is they need to burn off their balance sheet but that is a form of destruction of currency also not to mention inflationary non withstanding the core they measure.

    It’s hilarious the way the casino which is all AI and Bots beg and cry for cheap money and the fed is trying not to kill the jew usury goose.

    Worst case for all currency destruction QE 4 and negative rates of borrowing for robot trading until the wheels come off like Venezuelans or Argentina.

    Only Hope Cryptos \for any future outside the satanic system of death and destruction.

  • Steven Duke

    too late to be self sufficient. how are people living in a high rise building going to grow food. Jesus is the only awnser.

  • Charles Wilson

    Idiots how can they be desperate when they can print till kingdom come. Why do you think the stocks are rising fool? Because they r printing cheap funny money.

  • driverx 36158

    By the way People do not have cash in the banks they live CHECK TO CHECK…..I would CHECK whom your saying is hording cash in a cashless society .

    The thing people need to do is preserve their CASH in the form of cryptos and hopefully people will Opt Out of the cash system FOR GOOD. Let the federal government print THEIR OWN MONEY nobody wants.That is the key to our success and hope for any Future.

  • driverx 36158

    When you have Negative worth of a currency it essentially is phony money. I do not know what people cannot understand about this ?

    I just do not get it. People think this living beyond their means of phony money will just keep going generation after generation.

    It will not and there is going to be a mass shock when reality hits everyone in the face and cryptos will be the only alternative.

    Either that or complete communism and socialism . NO ISMS ever worked and free basic anything will never work either.

    I do not see a future for this world at all only darkness and ignorance .

  • wayne mcclory

    The current dead cat bounce is in the second ark and two days ago it turned down. This is comparing charts from 1929 and 1987 to today’s charts. All this tells us that on February 7th the United States will be in a full blown Recession. From this date on the Dow will continue to fall quickly hitting a Dow 8,000.

  • The Jazz Monastery

    the Dems are actively advocating for OUR rights to be given over to people from other countries OVER us, the actual tax paying citizens of OUR country. This is ipso facto slavery; requiring us to pay for hordes of other people’s children….and their parents too…WTF??? It is genocide and racial replacement happening to US! Right in front of our own eyes! RIGHT NOW! It is our ancestors that went through history fighting and DYING for what we now enjoy, not theirs. Because of that very fact, the invaders will NEVER value it enough to maintain it as we do. (Or do we?) They will only suck it dry, out of existence. This is outright theft, and way worse.

  • luckystrike

    The World Health Organization does not endorse meat as part of their diet recommendations. They want everyone to be vegetarian/vegan. Is that why meat cost so much?

  • Pablo Pina

    guys go to Miami Beach and gets some eye candy in the background, since we are in a bubble environment. I am sure half the viewers will be please.

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