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This weekend the world should have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to how we consume and share information. A viral video showing what appeared to be a confrontation between a native elder and a catholic teen caused countless media outlets to report on the incident as an act of aggression and racism on part of the teenager without doing any due diligence into the case to find all sides of the story. As it turns out other videos show that the native elder was in fact the instigator and the one who provoked the situation. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over some of the now discredited MSM news stories that perpetuated fake news while also outlining the importance of doing research and due diligence on stories that you want to share.

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About The Author


  • Chew Chew Train

    TRY THIS IDEA: Send Main Stream Media videos of manufactured, phony encounters with actors on BOTH sides. Overwhelm MSM with SO much bullshit to cause them to apologize and issue retractions EVERY day. MSM credibility as ‘journalists’ and as a reliable news source will tank further. Even attend real events as backdrop to manufacture phony news drama for believable plausibility. As a defense, MSM will bleed $$$ and resources having to hire people to actually start verifying stories BEFORE making any future so-called news public.

  • HipsfromHell

    Whenever you see some retarded nonsense on msm, look to what’s going on in Africa. While the buzzfeed bull was going on and now this maga hat lie, Zimbabwe became a colony of Russia and Chad just became political partners with Israel – meanwhile China seems to be mining South Africa

  • John La Marca

    I have no control over what other people do… My hat does NOT NOT say MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…It says MAKE AMERICA WHAT IT CLAIMS TO BE! I understand that our history was not taught to us truthfully and our heroes were not the type of people they taught us they were, but this is not a reason to destroy our country unless you want to commit suicide and be punished for what “we” did to them… Let’s fix our problems – not destroy your country!! Faking the news to make the Trump supporters look like they did something they didn’t does NOT SURPRISE me!!

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