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  • Kitty DeVine

    facts. not all fake people are paid actors. if any. that’s a conspiracy thought. lol and if an older man comes up. as a younger one, have respect and give way. show respect for your elders weather a Aboriginal with a drum or a grand pa. shesh. all guys like this are easily pegged. the red hat ones. went to school with them. worked with them, they do no good for women or non whites.Ohh and many old people say they fought and didn’t make it passed their own boarders LOL. your own grandfathers may even have smudged how much war time they actually had. Men do this all the time.also. why is no one blaming the Black Isrealites calling other young men Faggots!! that’s homophobic ..hmmm. just show respect to the man at the scene. boys will be boys smirking and mocking though. if there was a fake activists the young men need to be better at not being instigated. it’s on all of the underage young soon to be men. le sigh.

  • Chuck Beef

    It is a natural reaction to millions of people act calm and smile when faced with potential violent confrontations. It is the body and minds away of hiding such traits as, anxiety, nervousness, bravery, fear, etc. It is done to reduce the chances of physical confrontation as it can instil the same traits on the receiving end.

  • CrimeAndFury

    Dear leftist scum… thankyou for this. You’ve made sure that no matter what happens to you in the next 16 years, no matter how harshly you pay for this, you’ll still have hell to look forward to.

  • Kate Kaiser

    So sad. I will never understand people who perpetuate such hate and violence against other people. Trying to destroy this kid and his classmates because they watched a few second video online. How can witnessing something online anger people so badly? Some maniac probably would’ve shot up the school if they hadn’t closed. Facts aren’t needed or wanted by these kinds of people. They just want any excuse in order to take part in mob violence and feel justified.

  • Atri Smith

    Sounds like Mr Nathan is quite the adept at capitalism . How to create wealth for himself my using a sellable product , himself as a Native Indian creating trouble where ever he goes then crying out for money to be sent .

  • Ed Peters

    That wanker,Nathan Phillips, must be sponsored by Colgate.
    Don’t belive he ever have had a job for more than 8 minutes.

  • Vaughan

    Nathan Phillips appears to be a professional victim or is in perpetual victimhood status to the point where he sets up Go Fund Me accounts? For what, exactly? If anyone needs to doxed, it would be him. Lastly, the irresponsibility of those on Twitter and the media is unconscionable. There needs to arrests of either and this yelling of ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre has got to be stopped. A few Twitter users and those in the media should be made examples of.

  • BiddieTube

    Seems half the videos on yt are on this subject, But, this is only the third video I have watched on the subject. Sure glad I clicked this one, and the other two I clicked, they certainly are worth watching. One only needs to watch a few of them, not a bunch as long as you choose wisely. And that is the wise thing to do, support the good channels, and do not support the bad ones by clicking on their mind garbage videos. Thanks PFT for your great work 🙂

  • Jord A.

    Actor not activist. Paid shill. Natives love playing tricks.
    I have a treaty number, so fuck off virtue signal ers.
    Fake news for diversity, that’s not strength

  • C.M Mac

    Yeah, I have never seen an actor speak out on a cause. An activist never does either? Wow, that would be tough! Great reporting!

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