The Media Messed Up & TV is Now DYING…So Do Yours A Favour And Just KILL IT Already!

In the wake of the magateen vs native elder debacle more and more people have woken up to the lies and manipulation coming at the hands of the mainstream media. In fact this trend has been catching on as millions of people each year are dropping their cable network companies and they’re looking online for alternative sources of information. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth examines the statistics and reasons for this mass migration from the TV set to the computer monitor in the 21st contrary and how the major cable networks are currently clambering to scoop up the very same customers online that they just lost and are currently loosing!

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  • greekgod41

    I only have 2 uses for my t.v
    1: To play games
    2: and to watch YouTube
    I will not let those bastards reprogram my mind with their propaganda

    We might be winning this war, but I urge caution…..These psychotic cunts (the media empire) will NOT take this lying down, they will fight back to get back the control and power they are losing and they WILL find a way to make it harder to access the Internet or YouTube for our information
    Dark days are ahead, this does not look good

  • Justin & Megan Noel

    Canceled cable a year ago couldn’t stand it anymore. Sent some money your way Dan so you can keep doing what you do. Were lucky to have someone brave enough to speak out as you do. Thank you for keeping our eyes open.

  • Malovon

    I disconnected my cable TV box years ago, unfortunately my internet comes as a package deal with the channels so I can’t just cancel the ’tv’ part of it.

    Still, not watching regular TV at home was one of the best descisions I ever made. It’s all fucking garbage anyway, garbage interspersed with ads for online Casino’s.

    I mean holy shit. seems like networks fund their entire operation soley on the back off ads for gambling sites, disgusting.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think people should be free to spend their money however they want, but it’s like brainwashing..

  • Rich Winlot

    WELL DONE !!!!! And that is why the youtube ”recomended” in the last few days has brought forth the channels I chose to watch in the past, but have been replaced by their shit until now. Just more bait, BUT ONLY UNTIL I SIGN UP WITH the BASTARDS…… NOT GONNA HAPPEN !

  • OlymPigs2010

    If “Press for Truth” got the funding it wanted then it would soon be infiltrated and undermined by the same Fascist Zionists who own and run the major cable companies and the US and CDN Govts!

  • Conspiracy Realist

    I was too impoverished to buy a new TV when they switched to digital a few years back so I threw it out the window of my overpriced, tiny flat where I lived in Ireland surrounded by ‘minorities’. Thankfully I escaped the West and Freemason intimidation and I don’t plan on going back! Get out while you can folks! “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” – that is creepy!

  • brian

    Becoming a media zombie repeating what all the other channels say is a threat to our democracy…Gr8 job, that was eye opening. I knew they repeatedly repeat each other but didnt know it was at that level.

  • Michael Angelo

    I haven’t turned on my TV in over two years for anything . I get ALL my information from the internet where there is free thought and a variety of different opinions . The REAL danger to America is the homogenized news media with leftist propaganda and the fact that the entire spectrum is controlled by a small handful of elites .

  • just me

    Nothing will change regardless of how many people are properly informed . The days of mass protest is long gone. Way too inconvenient for this overweight, entitled, distracted population of wannabe celebrities.

  • Tech Peeyoos

    This is just an illusion of choice. For every video like this there are more than thousands of programming videos on the net. Hate me for saying this but people like you are still less than 0.01% and nothing more than a conspiracy theorist lunatic in eyes of a common person.

    People at the top of the pyramid are still winning whether it is paper or radio or tv or internet.

  • Rik Hendriks

    I honestly banned cable years ago and never watched tv since. I rather pick what I choose to see via internet and make up my own mind. Feels so much better!

  • Mark S

    what’s the point. You stop paying for the brainwashing by cutting your cable, then you just get the same brainwashing on youtube, since youtube will be carrying that content. Youtube TV is going to be the salvation of the big networks. And soon you will have to pay a subscription to watch youtube videos. And THAT is how the networks will force you to pay them. Youtube will be their bill collector.

  • Dave Davis

    Haven’t owned TV for 15 year’s now . admitted addict , now reformed from the hellavision . Have friends still strungout on the boob tube . Brainwash 101

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