CENSORSHIP Wins This Round As YouTube Now Deems Conspiracy Videos “BORDERLINE CONTENT”

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  • Megan94824

    So they can’t censor parents abusing their kids and profiting off it like the daddyfive bullshit, but they will censor anyone who dares question anything authority has said you can’t question–which is everything….hmmm funny because studying English, I was taught to use critical thinking skills, but those skills will be gone from future generations if they question nothing.

  • Bowdean Mcnowski

    Remember when Youtube was a platform to freely share idea’s (with some rules, no pornography being it an all ages platform). Now that they have the majority hooked, they’re slowly tweaking it here, a little censorship, a small community de platformed over there. They’re slowly shaping and molding the mind of the majority in their image, their authority, their vision. It’s a brilliant sinister maneuver, more powerful than the wide spread use of LSD was during the 60’s in an attempt to bring to Earth the hippie Utopia. No this time it’s the dream of the power corrupt, one of mediocrity and servitude.

  • tubetib

    They have some valid points because you are a 9/11 truther. Your false videos about 9/11 are reprehensible. You may have your right to express a different opinion, but we are expressing this false information as facts. At the same time, I share your concerns because Youtube tend to promote videos fitting well with the neoliberal agenda. I also like your videos because you bring light on things hidden by the main stream medias.

  • Dave K**********

    YouTube is trying to distinguish themselves from MSM! What a joke! More of the same old B.S. with promoting the liberal agenda! Free speech until someone doesn’t approve of it! Pansy a**holes, boo hoo my feeling got hurt! Grow up and deal with it instead of whining about it!

  • Jurassic Punk

    yes, Flat Earth theory has MANY believers. MANY. Not denied. All i see (confirms) that 80% of Population are Idiots.

  • devin patterson

    The earth is flat as fuck people. look into it. There is no “space” as we were taught. god is real. (never thought I’d be saying that)

  • gord peterson

    Youtube FB Twiter et al, only try to hide what they don’t want you to see, I.E. TRUTH. Anything that promotes self awareness, logic anything that defies the mainstream.

  • Saved or Slaved

    I appreciate your content & wish you all the best, however asking for monetary assistance both in the beginning & the end of a 10 minute video is a little overpowering! Seriously, it’s reaching a feeling of desperation…… Most people will donate w/o being asked if they find value in the content & appreciate your efforts. Just saying!

  • C Par

    Time to leave and find another platform!! I have a feeling that most people will leave just like YouTube’s profits, that’s even if they care….

  • stop it now

    You can directly type “9/11 Decade of deception” into the search bar and the real video is the 6th one down. Not only are they rigging recommended/trending pages, they’re manipulating the search results. Even after the 100% accurate title is typed, it is the 4th video down the list. Good job youtube.

  • Michael Howell

    no more talking about building 7 and Zionism you conspiracy theorists. And don’t mention that the Third Temple that’s meant to bring back the meshiaak is actually draconian! No don’t say that. Yet the government has a legal propaganda bill smh…. they probably don’t want you talking about the Grenada treaty and project serpo or the transcripts of Ronald Reagan being disclosed on the alien topic. maybe they’re concerned that the people are realizing that the satanic luciferians worship enki ! He would represent the serpent in the Garden of Eden. But people like to call him Lucifer nowadays. As for the Flat Earth! “Convexed Earth” what would I know I’ve never been to space.

  • Naomi George

    I have been saying this for a long time since the 1984 censorship has been rolling out. WE NEED A NEW FREE PLATFORM. I am bookmarking websites now. Its clear that in future conspiracy videos will be removed from google and youtube. This is a step by step process to get rid of alternative information. They first of all stopped monetizing content, that didn’t work instead we saw a rise in Patreon and direct donations. Now they are removing recommendations, which may or may not work. The end goal is a digital book burning, deleting pre historic content and finally banning conspiracy ‘inconvenient borderline videos’. The fact that we keep coming back to Youtube and Google is the problem. The only legible solution is to have a free platform. For the coagulation of conspiracy, non-mainstream, non -controlled media.

  • Paul V. Montefusco

    If You Tube is to become the tribal elder and moral arbiter of information and know what is ‘borderline content’, it is grossly mistaken. We’ll just be going elsewhere. This is Dumb All Over. Many of us choose to ignore a lot of what’s on You Tube already. We can ignore a lot more. Them tube will be a lonely place long before it goes the way of other failed media.

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