What They Won’t Tell You About The YouTube Shooter

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We have a serious problem that needs to be addressed! Social media addictions are leading to ego issues the likes of which we’ve never seen! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the main problems leading up to the shooting at YouTube’s Headquarters namely the failure of the police, the mental state of the shooter and the problems we currently have when it comes to ego driven people who are seeking fame first and foremost.

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  • Billy Johnson

    Great video always interested in your opinion. Swear I spent half the time looking for wildlife. Beautiful country you’re in brother.

  • Chris Topaz

    Ego is the illusion that says to itself, “I EXIST.” All strength comes form EGO. That part of the EGO that gives strength is called “WILL.”

    EGO, INTELLECT and MIND work together as a team. Ego and intellect are best friends and whatever the EGO wants, INTELLECT will usually provide and give in to EGO!

    Having said that, I am not sure if one can leave their EGO at the door but I think I do understand what you mean. One needs to be aware of the nature of EGO? Is that what you meant Dan?

    If one is aware of the nature of ego and aware of the nature of intellect, then the mind (consciousness) also becomes present.

  • Sparkymark5114

    You are exactly right Dan, this story will be buried, law enforcement screwed up and YouTube is coming after those who have different views then them…the liberal media.

    Keep spreading the word!

  • Civil Shepherd


  • Brian Wilder

    well if all of you may is $.10 for A 100,000 views how do you afford to fly around the world and make important videos about idiots running around the streets and rioting and stuff. But what I really want to know is how you get enough money to live in your private gated community. What is it called, maybe McMansion acres?

  • 龍大海Bickle's the Bomb!

    Great points. As a minor player with only 22 subscribers I can concur that most of us do this for reasons other than money or fame; even hitting the initial 10k subs for monetization is an absurd fantasy. Looking at just a few of her vids it’s apparent she was starved for attention, creating a quasi-erotic vegan bellydance of sorts rather than adding substantive commentary to support her faux mission. My guess is most of her subscribers just added her when they first discovered her surreal eye/ear candy–that is fappers, bong rippers, hecklers but not many who would have taken her “message” seriously.

  • Jeff Creatchman

    I agree with your assessment. There are a lot of lost souls out there. That being said, it was only a matter of time that this would happen. YouTube gave people a platform to build careers for many otherwise unknown personalities, and in doing that, they have given rise to a monster that is threatening to swallow MSN whole, and now they are reaching in and messing with people lives to censor them out of existence. This is a recipe for Disaster!

  • jerszak

    She had mental issues? I don’t know man. If this was even the real deal, from what I seen of hers, she had a pretty good grip on (((the sickness))) that has plagued mankind. I feel your assessment of her wanting more attention is inverted. She had a problem with what YouTube is pushing on people. How it is molding young minds into decadence, sexual perversion, materialism, drug use. Nah, I’d say though she was eccentric, she knew exactly what is happening. It’s the same thing we’re all noticing. The same thing that brings us to channels like yours, Mr Dan Dicks. Are we crazy too? May be it’s the world that has fallen ill, and we’re just simply waking up to it.
    BTW: I still think there is a deeper agenda at play here, one we are all overlooking.

  • HeWhoBelieves InMeShallNeverDie JESUS

    your opinion is getting a little shallow, if yu cannot see the patterns…everyshooting mentally ill mentally ill…and you are all buying the agenda made profiles? you think canada people are not being targeted.? they are using the poor that are criminals to do their dirty work, they are targetting poor good people, and people on disabilites. But they got the majority of you hatinid g the people who rely on assistance, so much thru their political agendas..they know darn well..you could care less, as well as many other canadains.i have news for you…those who have been manipulated against the poor, have fallen for the biggest trick in the book…cause as yu don’t care about the most vulnerable in society in ontario canada…as well. the cowardly msonci agenda in canada is alive and well…and when they feel they have accomplished getting rid f what they feel is the weakest..you middle class will be next..keep that in mind when you won’t help someone or report on the truth in Canada…i invite you to a trial…if you so oblige and truly on the right side of the tracks..you want to be truther…than you gotta go deepr…and get your hands dirty..but that is what truth is about isn’t it? press for truth! let me know..that is if you want to know truly the horrors hapening in your own country.

  • Nomad Wizard

    What r u talking about, ‘u can’t control ur reputation.
    Got to be one of the dumbest statement I have heard today.

  • Just J

    Good video and so strong points made…I agree this person had some serious issues but she was a 36 year old adult who made a terrible life choice…

    She probably wanted to become some sort of Marta for doing what she did….The leftist would have made her one had she been a white Christian male Trump supporter who just happened to be a member of the NRA…

    I goofed on how fast this story was dropped and not talked about at all today…The media still talking about Trump and guilty of something just haven’t put their finger on what it is yet…

  • danmar007

    When you do something for your ego you’re doing it for the wrong reason.

    I think the police ARE doing their job. Which now seems to be to take advantage of every opportunity to justify getting guns out of the hands of citizens. I believe that most people who go nuts are those who either stop taking anti-depressives without medical supervision (a serious no-no) or people who are given the wrong drugs.

  • Shay

    Dan, what do you think of the eyewitness referring to the shooter as a male? Was she wearing a mask? Reporters interviewed witness, no mention if police followed up. Anyone else have details?? Thnx, S

  • Unit Twelve

    One thing in common are the Psych drugs prescribed to all of these type killers. Known side effects of these drugs are Increased Homicidal as well as suicidal actions. These drugs cure nothing and are usually the First Action Prescribed to these type incidents. Mental Health isn’t cured by Big Pharma drugs. IMO It’s simply only made Worse.

  • Jhere McKenzie

    This sh00ting was a game changer as was the sh00ting in Fl0rida … the sh00ter remained alive, but there were reports that the students thought it was a another fire dr1ll, along with more student videos ….. the last event was a woman… right a way it was thought she sh0t her boyfriend… and then, family calls p0lice, weird Ub00b channels, Persian, not sure she knows how to use a g_n….in the UB00b campus, but NO F00tage? WTF… now UB00Bers claiming she had mental issues… m0re like a trap…s0meth1ng is N0T r1te…. wake up ~

  • TheCrewChief

    It is curious that these Police officer’s didn’t arrested her for having the fire arm in her car. Unless, for some reason, they decided not to go through her car, and only spoke with her!

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