EXCLUSIVE: Rare Footage Inside Massive Bitcoin Mining Farm!

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Somewhere high up in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia there’s a massive Bitcoin mining farm mining coins 24/7 on an industrial scale! DMG Blockchain Solutions went all in when it comes to bitcoin mining and their 27,000 square foot facility is pumping out coins faster than you can say Satoshi! In this exclusive video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth gets the inside scoop on this secretive bitcoin mining farm while speaking with it’s operator Sheldon Bennett about his facility and the ins and outs of bitcoin mining on an industrial scale.

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  • Mari Anderson

    I had to click just because you were grabbing your hair so tight now I want to know okay let’s roll it

  • SwirlsDancing

    I have an admittedly ignorant question: if this is all electronic, what happens to all the wealth in those computers if the power goes down, like, really down, or, a super-fry solar flare hits earth and fries the whole international system, backup included, or their fans fail and the system has a meltdown? In other words, what happens to investments if the system fails for one reason or another?

  • The Fanch

    Money is an illusion designed to control individuals and bring dissent amongst humans. Crypto-currencies are the ultimate version of this evil mindgame. Plus data-centers are voracious on natural resources, whatever this guy says about “green powered”. That’s BS. Don’t buy this crap, figuratively and literally. If oligarchs pull the plug… bye bye bitcoins!

  • Mari Anderson

    I’m leaving some things giving me a bad feeling in my stomach this is evil maybe and in God we trust this is George Soros going out of his way maybe they paid you money to do this commercial I don’t know I’m not even going to watch one New World Order all of it goodbye when this place is in full production will be f*****

  • Mari Anderson

    tell us Sheldon did you go to school with Jethro at Oxford we’ll just put the rest of us in containers too 666 stay away from Bitcoin

  • Mari Anderson

    hey why are you promoting this s*** you know Hillary and Obama did everything they did for money too you better come down off your throne or something so maybe it’s just me anybody else notice whose side are you on dude???

  • Iaman Empoweredone

    These are all over the place. They look like data centers. 27,000 sq ft shoud produce at least $50,000.00 and more a day in bitcoin if running properly. There are quite a few in colorado.

  • 1videofiend

    “Massive Bitcoin Mining Farm!”…so that’s why BC Hydro rates are going up!
    I’m curious Dan, what’s their protocol in case of fire?
    Seriously though, great journalism, and great interview Dan!

  • papapapist

    The scam of our lifetime. Say what you want. They are mining what exactly?? I believe the programming thieves money from dormant accountants globally at a micro fraction of a dollar unit. All with an end goal of going cashless and losing our freedom.

  • Philippe De Champaigne

    Unbelievable waste of electricity. Just think, bitcoin was up to $20,000 USD now it’s $7,000 USD. All the electricity that mined those coins – over half of it just vanished into thin air. Humans must be the stupidest, most selfish, most retarded species in the universe.

  • Philippe De Champaigne

    What a big fat faggot running that place. “Oh, there’s lots of dams and hydroelectric power” – translation, we’re killing all the priceless fish to make useless bitcoins.

  • Hippie Bookkeeper

    Hydro power is not exactly “green”
    With the HUGE draw on the resources of the area, there must be an argument to be made that they are exploiting the resource. Manufactured wealth, not backed by anything. Bitcoin is a psyop.

  • Canadida Mapleleaf

    what happen to the child abuse photo that was encrypted in the block chain .. it was in the news a month ago or so ?

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