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The movement to legalize cannabis is spreading on a global level and new opportunities are popping up for entrepreneurs in this newly developing space! But with a new cannabis company coming on the scene every day how does one make sure they stand a cut above all the rest? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Dan Anglin of CannAmercaBrands about this massive emerging market, how one can navigate their way to the top of this competitive industry and the importance of the freedom of the individual when it comes to over regulation from the government.

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  • Julianos entheus

    The Media, the Rothschilds are constantly pushing for three things: to take your Weapons, to Interbreed you with Blacks, and to hook you on Shit weed, aka Marijuana.

  • David Turner

    Love your work but this isnt it.
    Full legal, any other option just works in favour of a corrupt system, something I thought this Channel stood for. Disappointing

  • Julianos entheus

    May it NEVER BE LEGAL, it will mark the end of the Human Mind and Soul… Pot alters the third eye and injures the Meridians, when not done by a Shaman, it is a drug meant for Shamans, not developing Minds or Regular people.

  • David England

    this is genius. Similar to Coke in that they don’t own facilities which are costly, nor do they have overhead. So instead of competing with many traditional cannabis companies, they can focus on branding.

  • Sage Goodman

    thanks to the farm bill, hemp is legal and this co is setting its sights on becoming the 1st global recognized hemp brand name. Man, if ppl only knew the benefits of this plant.

  • N Brown

    If I had the money I would invest in vaporizing the actual plant like E-nano. You get the best CBD extraction that way. Remember when you eat pot it creates another psychoactive compound that is not created when smoking or vaping. That’s why many call it a body high.

  • cyn planket

    this sector is exploding so its important to look for companies who have thoroughly thought through branding and that is what this is, a brand who sees the bigger picture!

  • The Fanch

    Hemp and cannabis are just different names for one plant. There is no difference. One plant, one seed. Sow it everywhere, regardless of politics. Or what some people may tell you…

  • Michael Waters

    yes it seemed like a good idea at the time oh I think the bastardisation of it you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg and as an Aussie you opened with the land of the LAND of free statement reference another Aussie Jim Jefferies as to the land of the free 🙈 we all have our problems right now Canada’s biggest problem for my mind is a term I’m trying to single-handedly start TRUDEAU STUPID you know the type …. 🤯 it’s a special kind of stupid … the pot is calling the kettle black I know please don’t take that as rocks being thrown from my Glasshouse … love your work cob ♥️ …🎯 as Always fairly well spot on cheers 🍺

  • Julianos entheus

    CANNABIS = Self CANNIBALISM of the Human Brain and Central & peripheral Nerveus system… IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A VEGETABLE, SMOKE AWAY.

  • Loreen Degenstein

    Please watch this YT video by Blue Apple called “The Myth is Canada”. Nothing will ever change until we become a sovereign nation.

  • Sugar Plum

    Hey everyone. The Muslims have a petition to allow them to pray in our Toronto’s subway.
    Their disgusting petition is at 4, 161

    There is another petition to stop this insanity.
    We are only at 358. This is a new petition and we need to get it out A.S.AP please share this petition and get the numbers way up above theirs.
    This is serious.
    We have the right to our Country and not have them SHOVE THEIR IDEOLOGY DOWN OUR THROATS.
    This is NOT about racism, this is about being a safe country and not a war zone.
    Please people help stop this or we will be living in a country were we have to fear for our lives.
    Some are here to DENOUNCE their religion and they too have to now once again live in fear.

    Get this one out:

  • papapapist

    Shit dan. Luke beat you to this interview. You were doing so well with distancing yourself from similar guests and topics as we are change. Best of luck on the next one. 🙂

  • papapapist

    These guys all say the same thing. Best in class… world leader… industry dominance blah blah blah. Most of these companies grow shit weed full of pesticides and synthetic nutrients. Not to mention many irradiate to mask the powdery mildew and fusarium they have contracted. Support your local farmers and boycott these big shit growers.

  • Parkin Play

    The alcohol industry is already very unhappy, Niagara Region wants no dispensaries anywhere near it lol, I prefer smoking a dube to drinking wine!

  • canadianlattitude

    The feds here in Canada may of re legalised it but some provinces and many cities all but made it illegal again. My city has no public use of it and is forbidding retail cannabis stores so it is de facto illegal still for many of us that own condo’s or rent. It is only legal for those in detached houses… pathetic..

  • Cristopher Wooley

    Banks won’t loan for dispensaries. So it’s only a rich man’s opportunity. Banks will take the revenue. Almost like it was planned that way. I call bullshit on it all. Now weed is more expensive than cocaine.

  • Glen DeKoker

    I don’t understand how Americans can sit on their hands while some deep rouge unit is trying to overthrow the leader and everyone is marching for stupid things. GOD BLESS pres Trump may his sward be true.

  • penguins flight school

    i plan to open a school in canada that primarly is a course teaches people how to roll a proper joint
    well ok thats all it teaches but after all the use of ones own common sense dictates the rest !!!
    must supply your own bag of pot and pappers !!!!

    enrolment starts ASAP
    the day after Trudeau gets thown out of the Canadian Government Leadership role on his fat lying ass !!!!

  • Justin Wilton

    It Must Be Terrible To Be A Liberal.
    To Be Trapped In Such A Narrow Mentality. To Have Been Duped Into Believing That Making America Great, Represents A Mortal Threat To All Mankind.
    To Be So Limited In Thought As To Accept That Your Only Choice Is To Vote For Whatever Pedophile, Communist, Cannibalistic, Satan Worshipping, Child Murdering, Luciferian Scumbag Buys The DemocRat Nomination.
    To Truly Not Know What Your Opinion Is Until The MSM Or Some HalfWit Late Night Propaganda Show Host Tells You How To Feel And What To Say.
    To Honestly Believe That Facts Don’t Matter And That Emotions Are The Only Thing Thats Real.
    To Subscribe To The Notion That Anyone Can Identify As What Ever Sex They Want To At Any Given Time, And Demand That Others Play Along With Their bizarre fantasy.
    To Believe That Validating The Delusions Of The Mentally ill Is Humane.
    Tell An Anorexic That They’re Fat, Tell A Bulimic To Keep Purging, Tell A Schizophrenic That They Are Indeed Jesus Christ The Facebook Vampire Hunting ballerina Ninja, And Tell A Transgender Body Dysmorphic That They Are Whomever They Feel They Are… What A Disgusting Excuse For A Human Being That Makes You.
    To Refuse Logic, Reason, Decency, God, And Anything Else That Runs Contrary To Your Perverse Desires And Personal Deviance.
    To Believe That Laws Are Fluid Concepts Subject To Be Twisted, Bent and Broken At The Whim Of Those Whom You Agree With Politically, While Those Same Laws Are Held Strictly Against Those You Deem As Political Enemies And Therefore A Threat To Your Very Existence.
    Likewise To Believe That Individual Freedoms Are A Fluid Concept Subject To Suspension And Revocation If Anyone Dares Speak Against The Liberal DemocRat Doctrine.
    To Be So BrainFucked As To Celebrate Evil And Tyranny And Shun Morality And Decency.
    It Must Be Hell To Be A Liberal.
    Perhaps They Won’t Notice Any Real Change When The End Comes, Since Their Already Serving The Father Of Lies.

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