The Two Swords: The Art Of Surviving Earth – David Whitehead

In this episode of Truth Warrior I discuss the concept behind this invaluable quote, and share some relevant warnings from the past:

“If you dare to take up the banner of enlightenment, you will be attacked from all sides. From the inside you will be attacked by your own mind and from the outside you will be attacked by everyone else’s mind. Anyone who dares to succeed automatically presents a huge threat. If true freedom is going to survive within you, you have to be willing to fight for it. You have to have a sword in each hand at all times. One sword is for your own mind and the other sword is for everyone else’s mind. You must be ready to use them. Anyone who wants to be truly free must be willing to stand alone in the truth.”
~ Andrew Cohen


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  • Droguza

    I got accustomed to being alone a lot while i was in an entrance level to Philosophy and Truth.
    It takes a certain skillset to get back into Society, and maintain that, and this quote suits very well.
    Although a reliable source of solace for me, is the knowledge there are others after the Truth. A type of, solidarity. Just knowing there are David Whiteheads and Michael Tsarions out there, is Great.
    Awesome Video!

  • Tbonyandsteak

    Dont ask what i can do for You.
    But rather ask what You can do for me.

    The answer determent if you are an over or under dog or the cat.
    The over dog would be offended, since it is him You should follow.
    The under dog ask ” what must i do?”
    The cat would see the scam in the wording

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