Venezuela FAILS AGAIN! – Attempted Coup Leads To More Uprisings

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent attempted coup in Venezuela by the US government as Trump employs retired policy hawk Elliot Abrams as Venezuela envoy.
Trump recently declared Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim president of the country which lead to massive celebrations in the streets. Maduro said “Wait a minute buddy, that’s not happening.” and people crowded the streets in support of him as well.
The point is, this is another example of the perpetuation of statism. The people of Venezuela were looking towards a free market revolution with competing currencies with the use of cryptocurrencies like Dash, yet here they go again, begging for one form of government or another, one flavor of collectivism or another to fix the problems of government and collectivism. This creates an infinite circle. It’s very disappointing.
The US government shouldn’t meddle in the country and the people of the country should find their own path with the use of decentralized blockchain infrastructure technology as well as currency. They could thrive at a rate we’ve never seen another country thrive before, but they’re looking to be dependent like before, so after.
We saw a similar movement in Zimbabwe following THEIR hyperinflation. They replaced their currency with a US dollar backed currency and then there was a coup replacing Mugabe with Mnangagwa. Now Mnangagwa is raising fuel prices and taking out opposition to him and people are rising up. Now they want to unseat him and replace him with someone else. They are continuing this paradigm of replacing government with government thinking things will change for the better. It’s absurd.

Meanwhile, in the US, the government has reopened. So it’s clearly not been a great week for freedom. But be optimistic! We have good days ahead of us. We just need to focus on being independent, self sustainable and financially responsible. Don’t look to central banks, look to yourself. Don’t look to governments, look to yourself. Kerosene does not put out fire.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

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  • Víðarr Kerr

    If Venezuela allows the thieving Jews in to steal the oil and gold, Venezuela will be left exactly like Libya and every other country these parasites invade.

  • Carlo Torino

    You guys must be Canadians. It’s amazing how there might be a lot of things I don’t like that are happening in Canada but it this nice to see that Canadians are still seeing things for what are. Keeping it real👍

  • Liberty Smith

    *The USA will be BOMBING Venezuela Next! Using the USA **_”DIPLOMACY By SUBVERSION, FORCE, & BOMBS”_** Playbook!*

  • Jane Self

    Why don’t you save a dog from your local shelter, pay a food bill for a poor family, help a disabled person get some technology sources, clean your house, use less gas? Why don’t you leave America if its so bad? Why are you here? What have you done in the last week beside make a youtube video against America? You seem to have all the technology, fat on your bones, gas you need, and from the looks of the background in your video set up….you probably drive a gas guzzler. Boo….

  • Irvin Alberto

    You’re not following the facts, what’s happening is that the constitutional leader will call for elections to vote in an elected president.

  • Ben Pol

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about the land rip off that goes on practically everywhere. Why can’t a person in the country of their birth, go to the nearest vacant land on the out skirts of town, peg out an acre to claim as their own for the purpose of building a house to live in. Noone created the land. I’m sorry but sending a few boats around the world and sticking a few flags in the ground does not mean you can claim the whole continent. We work one day a week for our whole lives for the most basic of human rights. We have no choice in the matter, as long as you are alive you need a place to live. Who has a claim to it all? Why should we pay them for something created by God if you will, that is not occupied or in use by themselves or anyone else. Even for 10 billion or more people there is plenty to go around. Commercial land should be leased by farmers/corporations with revenue paid to the people to provide for essential services and basic infrastructure.
    How can this be lawful?

  • Amp Amp

    American private enterprise wants to loot Venezuela. This has been going on since Bush 2. Eventually Trump will send in the troops because the U.S. government is is a servant to Big Business. More organized crime.

  • Pat M

    It’s time for democracy in the US. The 2014 Princeton University research revealed the US is a corporate-controlled oligarchy. The big problem for Venezuela and its large reserves of oil, is the corporate-controlled US Empire’s agenda to own and control it. With military installations in 140+ countries, the US corporate-controlled oligarchy/empire fraudulently disguised as ‘democracy, marches on, to own and control the other 50+ because empires never settle for peaceful coexistence. JFK was opting for it so they killed him in the Dallas coup.

  • laila lilabad

    Does USAS able to sort out american conflicts between them never mind #Venezuela # the finger never point to itself#

  • Captain Vanaroo

    The guy on the left bouncing up and down like a toilet seat if cnn reporters did that they be called fake news immediately.

  • Adrian Finley

    Bank of England has stole your gold from Venezuela they are the ones you should be fighting not each other they are causing your starvation and poverty with America

  • Douglas Stejskal

    Look out Venezuela here we come! Far too much natural wealth there for the Deep State/Wall Street to leave this place alone. Hello regime change $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

  • Brett Halvorson

    America is a state of zionist Israel why on earth would you take their advice they are Israel’s military to distroy Countries and instal their zionist Rothschild banking cartel and steal the countries natural resources

  • Film DudePaul Collins

    Do your research guys. Every country in Latin America has been overthrown by the US government and exploited for their resources including Venezuela. RT did a great video series on this. Your broken record approach is bad on this one.

  • Greg ######

    OK Guys…This is how it goes…NO WALL , NO DONALD. Your attitude towards a wall shows you do not understand the Trump base. Please review last sentence foe enlightenment.

  • jhon smith

    Dear Jhosh and John, please educate yourself before talking about Venezuela… I am living the crisis first hand from within, there is no attempted cue in Venezuela, there is a process to restore the law that maduro broke when he cheated over and over in all elections, kidnapped all government powers, allowed that the government turned into a NARCO TYRANY. They are actually million of people AGAINST MADURO not supporting him, 82% of the people wants him out because he along with Chavez have destroyed the country inside out, and you both are supporting Maduro’s Carro Regime????? that is backed up by terrorism (ESBHOLA AND ISLAMIC STATE), drug cartels, FARC (Colombia Paramilitaries), Iran… and the communist regime of Cuba… and any criminal that you can think off….. for your information I life in Venezuela and I don’t know anyone that uses DASH and there is no crypto revolution here…. I prefer to believe that you both are very ignorant and very lazy to do research about Venezuela, than thinking that you both are part of the communist propaganda machine …. any how even though you say interesting things but due to your lies your Chanel ends up turning into a very nasty joke … More than 500 people are in jail due to protest and 20 murdered only from the 23erd of this month….. and for your information our resources have been exploted by Cuba, Russia, Iran and now Turkey… and you both attacking the US government and CIA… I rather hace the Americans here that the Russian/Cuban communist here ….

  • Christian Velarde

    Blaming other for one´s own failure is soooo cheap. Even if sanctions have a detrimental effect, they for sure are not the main reason for Venezuela´s failure. A nation/civilization thrives or dies because of the people who compose it, and Venezuelan´s apparently suffer from a severe lack of virtuosity and sense of responsibility.

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