WOW FACEBOOK Just Dug Their Own Grave & Put The FINAL Nail In The Coffin!!!

2019 may very well be the year of Facebook’s demise. 2018 was not a good year for the spying, tracking and databasing tech company as headline after headline brought into question their sinister practices which lead to massive sell offs of the company’s stock. Yet according to Bloomberg, FaceBook continues to generate significant ad revenue and they seem to be rebounding…but is this all organic or is the company just simply up to MORE sinister and shady tactics? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth looks at some of the latest revelations which expose this company as the Orwellian propaganda wing of the government that it is while warning the viewer that we can NOT look to Facebook or the government to solve the problems that were created by Facebook and/or the government but rather we must move towards a movement of non compliance and an all out boycott of these out of control tech companies before that option is no longer a possibility.

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  • Press For Truth

    CIABook is falling apart thanks to an informed and awakened masses, so cheers to all the woken! But there’s still a lot of work to do moving forward!! If you appreciate my work and would like to support my efforts with a one time donation or by joining as a member please visit any of the following links:
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  • Joanne Mccartan

    “Facecrook” done the game charging scam a few years ago, blaming it one the games directing them to paid games…it happened to one of my mates.

    I don’t wanna get on with arseholes…I off fb.

  • Gobblarr Gobblarr

    deleted my account 2 years ago and havent looked back. Still get odd looks when someone requests my facebook and I tell them I dont have an account.

  • Ambrose Alarm

    It will go down in history as one of the worst, if not the worst, company that has done the most damage to society and people who use it. For the rest of us who have never had a fakebook acc, well, lets try to pick up the pieces.

  • Scott Duffy

    Facebook isn’t that from the 70s oh no they’re not there from this time the CIA operative Facebook yeah does anybody go on there anymore I didn’t think so

  • The Homeless American

    Alex Jones was on the payroll to “fall”…come on Dan…you know he is controlled opposition on the highest levels…HE agreed to set the precedent…he doesn’t care…he’s a “made man”…Dan…

  • WOWaddict2234

    I got off Facebook, ig, and snapchat in the spring and I haven’t been back since. They absolutely manipulate your mind by inducing dopamine when you receive notifications/messages/or even see things that may excite you. I’ve shilled hard to everyone I know that they should remove themselves from the constant bombardment of useless information and targeted ads but they are all brainwashed.

    Next time you’re in line at a business, at a bus stop or out to dinner take a good look around at everyone who is totally under the control of their cellphone. It’s a disturbing realization.

  • steve austin

    I went off it a few months back. Had three accounts and I was getting banned over and over. Not due to what I said but from what direction. Hypocrisy was evident. No regrets.

  • Gordon Welch

    As soon as saw him on the talk show I thought he was so creepy……what woman would touch him? He really looks inbred. He looks like that hag that ran the blood test scam. Yeah. The whore sucked on some old mid eastern assholes stub for money to fund her scam. Elizabeth Holmes.

  • ASvD Records

    Facebook is social engineering at its best. They abuse human characteristics such as curiosity, trust, greed, fear and ignorance. Many people sold their soul to the ‘one world order’, without knowing it, by using online media as if their lives depend on it.

  • vernon gale

    That’s ok for evil fuckbook evil is in for government big oil bankers and tec the worlds so called nwo has never ever been so evil

  • NorthWestRiggingSpecialist

    Hackers look out, the grid goes down with no power!
    A different Warrior will rule earth! Real men!
    Wippy CEO’s, corporations will worship the workers that have a skill over computer workers.
    We will stop working for corporations and start working for ourselves!

    Leaving them without the skilled worker to make money off of!

    Fuck middle men with no skills!

  • thomas perez

    Been banned twice or three time for naming Islam as the cancer of humanity. I’ll have a last hurrah from that shithead site and delete it with great joy.

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