New York City Housing Bubble WILL BURST! – This Is Why

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the major bubble burst on its way to New York’s real estate market as U.S. home prices reach 1% off of their 2006 highs. We all know what happened next…
Manhattan’s home prices have plunged the most since 2009 in the first quarter. People are anxious about buying and we’re seeing the results already. As the bubble gets unsustainable, investor confidence holds up a manipulated market with little fundamental value or demand.
When examining the Bronx, as we write this, there are 1567 homes for sale by agent. Well, to follow that up, there are 2090 pre-foreclosures. That’s a massive indicator that something isn’t right.

As the 2006 highs are reached across the board in the United States, the signs are not pointing in the right direction. Derivatives are unimaginably volatile. Collaterlized debt obligations have returned to banks such as Wells Fargo and they’re now called collateralized loan obligations as if that changes the fact that they’re terrible bundled mortgages rated by a couple good mortgages thrown in, often triple A.

We are seeing the combination of localized housing bubbles, bond market bubbles, stock market bubbles and of course central banking bubbles. This is the end result of vast centralization.

Stay tuned as we continue to monitor this issue closely!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • bicycle X

    Bronx is on the mainland . Staten Island , Manhattan Island, Brooklyn and Queens are part of Long Island . These locations are the five boroughs of New York City .

  • Bobby8270

    First. Luv that salute John. What do you think of the crypto market. Do you think its being manipulated like the PMs market?

  • Pamela Rice

    As one of the few solvent New York City residents here…. I watch the numbers closely. Big fan of WAM. Tanks, guys.

  • smokegrinding wigwom

    New York. Can’t have farm animals. Can’t grow crops. Weather sucks. No one is friendly to each other.

  • master mind

    in the 1980’s , my grandmother predicted we would have to pay for WATER , which I thought was funny ! I now have a water meter attached to my house . Give them an inch , they will take a mile, Soon , there will be a meter attached to my neck to make me pay the amount of air I CONSUME in a day !

  • Kareem R

    I own ac oouple properties in Jersey City, the condo market is over saturated.  As a home owner in NYC vicinity I am very happy. I know people that make more than me that are trapped in renting. Although I am hoping for a pullback.  7:30 as far as the baby boomers there better off moving out of NYC vicinity, because the burbs  besides Queens. Jersey and Long Island your talking 10k in property per year that’s on the low end. plus there’s no jobs outside of the major cities.


    This is Amazing…WHO CAN AFFORD $1,000 Per month or more for an apt that’s mid to small living area??? WOW!! THANK YOU FOR REPORTING this

  • Lastmanstandin64

    Nobody invests in the bronx unless to renovate and rent. Its an unreliable shit hole that responsible people neve move in there. Its not a good example of typical real estate in NY. Much better areas in NY to invest in. More research guys……

  • Nomad Wizard

    Could be just a correction as has occurred in the markets and cryptos and may have another run-up like the market and cryptos will have before the big crash in 2 -3 years?

  • proposedsolutionsblogspot

    The problem got worse from allowing in illegal aliens, allowing in too many foreign nationals in general, allowing foreign nationals to buy real estate and all the people owning rental properties to make money off of the less affluent. Home prices could go down 50% and this would be good, not bad. I show how it can be done. I wonder why we don’t have heavyweight economists showing what I show.

  • Jean Allen

    Y’all we are seeing it crack here in Dallas, Tx. Houses are so expensive and rentals are going up in price, too. Yet the public education system here is horrible.

  • Chen Lee

    There’s nothing wrong with a lender selling their loans to other companies, they’ve been doing that for decades. That being said, what they’re doing (Bundling bad loans with a small number of good loans and giving the bundle a AAA rating) is fraud. Now what I’m wondering is if the same banksters are doing the same thing they did back in 2006-2007, bundling bits and pieces of loans to the point that no one knows who owns what. Time to start checking your state’s lending laws…

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