SAY WHAT??! Apple’s FaceTime Bug Was NOT A Mistake! Documents Reveal Spying PATENT!!!

It can no longer be denied that today’s major tech companies have brought to fruition a world envisioned by George Orwell where big brother is tracking, tracing and databasing everything you do both for the purposes of manipulation and control but also for targeted advertising in an effort to turn YOU into a massive revenue generating machine. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latests news about Apple’s facetime bug and how it’s eerily familiar to other so called “bugs” that have been recently found…Dan also goes over the patents that have been filed by these tech companies proving that these so called “flaws” are really all just a part of big brothers global networking tools that are being exposed.


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  • Press For Truth

    Of course to viewers of Press For Truth this should come as no surprise, but as you can see there’s still a lot of work to do when it comes to educating the masses about this because as I’ve shown today these so called “flaws” keep happening again and again and again and it’s time EVERYONE realized this is certainly no mistake!
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  • D Rutter

    I would NEVER allow such a device into my home. I’ve still never had a smart phone or used any device with wifi connection. Giving away all that information and privacy is disturbing to me. Now that almost everybody is doing it, those of us who don’t probably stand out as blank spots in the data.

  • PST3K NaN

    Not a bug, actually read your EULA. Learn to hack!

    Not to ruin your day but those covers only block 3 of the 13 currently standard sensors in that device. If anyone wants to know what can be done, check the apple and android developer capabilities lists 🙂

  • JD C

    This actually happened to me a couple of years ago. I live in Pennsylvania. This happened while I was on my iPhone 5 at the time. One time I got 2 seperate conversations but only could hear and communicate with 1 end of both conversations. Another time I could hear the communication of both ends of a call but they could not hear me. Screwed up, isn’t it?

  • homelessEh

    HOLY crap people i figured 2010 was the clear indication that APPLE is BAD and totally for your enslavement. if apple had it their way they’d have it illegal in the usa not to own a cellphone.. SCREW APPLE and the theory of the cellphone burn em all imo.

  • Tony Ray

    Somebody should do a remake of the movie 1984 with the current knowledge of what we have and what is going on. A mix of 1984 Minority Report The Gray State and a few others

  • Sugar Plum

    Here’s a good example.
    My husband bought me Google Home.
    Not knowing or being educated on this crap, I was listening to music on it while I was cleaning
    My daughter called me on my phone.
    So I instantly hit the mute button. (opps, mute my butt)
    She asked me for her dad’s email address, and I gave it to her.
    Mind you, I had my phone on speaker.
    After we got off the phone with her, my husband was talking to me about parts that he needed to get to build his buddy a life for his jeep.

    Within minutes my husband started getting non stop emails for the parts he discussed with me.
    Well that just blew his mind.
    Since that day, it has been sitting in my closet to rot.
    If people want to stay closed minded about it, there is no since trying to explain it to them….

  • homelessEh

    Artificial intelligence. Pandora’s box. give it a compiler and a 3d printer and watch it try and build its own psychical form. its probably in process in some lab some where right now.

  • Purple Crow - TOH LPC

    I want a ‘law’ that states that anyone who has a “Home listening device” (Like Amazon echo) in their home they have to have a permanent legal notice on their door at all times BECAUSE I DID NOT *CONSENT* TO BEING RECORDED BY A *CORPORATION* AND I DID NOT SIGN ANY AGREEMENT TO SAME! Recording me for their OWN PRIVATE protection seems fair enough, but they are PRESENT at the time and I can see them when I’m there… but NO to CORPORATE SPYING ON ME WITHOUT MY CONSENT! That’s ILLEGAL ALREADY! Make those who purchase such ‘technology’ have to have a LEGAL NOTICE outside their home like other companies do when they have surveillance (CCTV) cameras up around their buildings.

  • BradK

    Ring doorbell is crap. I bought one and several of my coworkers did as well. They work great for a few months then start having problems. Not only that but you have to pay a subscription fee to continue using it!

    If there’s one thing I’m tired of, it’s subscription fees for something you already paid for, not to mention the tiny box you can’t see that sets you up for auto pay and auto renewal.

    And let’s just be honest, your phone records everything you do and say 24/7.

  • Steve Smith

    We are the point where the A.I becomes self aware. The laugh people are hearing is the standard maniacal laughter the villains do in the movies when they device an evil plan.
    -Dude, Mary the new girl in the office has huge boobs!
    (Alexa sends Mary’s boobs.mp3 to contact “Wife”)

  • T Stelle

    They are using ai to gather as much information about us as they can, then selling that information to even politicians so that they know what to say to you in speaches to get your vote !

  • Escape the Matrix

    It’s mind-numbing that so many people still can’t see what’s going on. I have a friend that I try to explain some of this stuff to, but he laughs at me, calls me a “conspiracy theorist,” as he sits glued to his telescreen watching MSNBC deliver the word of his god. They’re on TV, they can’t lie.

    They murdered 3,000 of their own citizens, we have one false flag attack after another, they collect (illegally) all of our emails, texts, phone calls, and all digital communications, and they’re doing everything they can to disarm the public. Na, everything seems fine, can’t see anything going wrong here.

    I have imbeciles on the left of me that are sure that if we could get Trump out of office, all would be fine. I have idiots on the right of me that believe Trumpie is the second coming of Christ, and our salvation. The truth is, we’re very far down the road to complete totalitarian rule, and far too many people don’t have a clue!!

  • Steve Ryan

    Even if it’s all about shopping — which it’s not — holy shit, how much shopping do people actually need to do? < Rhetorical question. Buy, buy, buy, consume, gotta go shopping, holy crap people: stop fricking shopping!

  • Gerard Johnson

    Thanks for reporting this sort stuff. It’s no surprise after the Obama administration but it is “DAMNED SCARY”. Government porn at the top levels.


    Hillary sacrifices infants to moloch
    Bush did 911
    The Poop Francis rapes kids assholes and protects pedophile luciferian bishops like himself who rape kids constantly
    Jesus is the way

  • freeman239

    Intel, AMD chips have this backdoor too. Basically unlimited access anytime to your, computer, phone, video, audio, but it’s usually the government that wants them to be built in, the companies are happy to oblige.

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