Trump Jr Beats Fake News Media To The Punch With Email Release

In response to the MSM created Putin/Trump collusion meme Don Trump Jr released an email exchange along with an explanation about a meeting that took place between himself, his campaign chairman Paul Manafort, his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth throws a stick in the gears of the spin machine in an attempt to counter the US/Russia collusion propaganda.
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  • Press For Truth

    As a voluntarist I don’t support Trump or any government for that matter but I gotta call it like I see it and I think Trump Jr did the right thing today by releasing his email exchange for everyone to see.

  • suziecreamchease

    worth noting how extraordinarily and wilfully naive some conspiracy theorists can be..
    here i am referring to “press for truth”..
    cos trump jnr says something is one particular way – that totally disproves any other possibilities ????!!

  • Limerickman

    It does not matter what Donald Trump Jr released or even if he is 100% innocent. The lying media are going to continue to lie with their political narratives of spin, smear, lie and spew out their#fakenews hate.

    Their hate filled #fakenews political messages is the reason why I do not watch their news anymore. I want real facts, not political spin. I go for livefeeds and I varied my news sources online.

  • Rc leeroy brown

    pft do you see Obama shadowing trump everywhere he goes? you hear obama is back in politics against trump? how much do you know but will not report?

  • davekpghpa

    ISIS is a creation of the “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” and their proxy the US government. AIPAC has the US gov’t completely controlled. The USA now only serves to promote “The Greater Israel Project” and “The Project for A New American Century”. When you look those two projects up, everything magically comes into focus when it comes to the chaos and wars that these elite psychopaths are dumping on us. But, God forbid that anyone, anywhere, ever makes any kind of criticism against the State of Israel. Dan, maybe do a report on just how that could be.

  • KELLI2L2

    FYI: The fake news spin on this is that the only reason he made the TOTAL release was only after he found out the NYT was going to release the info…
    These sore losers are ? .

  • A.J. Dohmen

    I don’t care about how it reflects on Trump. I’d be worried about how it reflects on Putin if it were true!

  • Tony Smith

    there r too many close to Trump who’ve lied about meeting with Russians tho i suspect its more to do with money laundering,something ALL banks do!!

  • Pieter Wisse

    You didnt even look at the actual evidence, only the statement from Trump Junior. Its the MSM word against Trumps. How did you come to the conclusion it’s a nothing burger?
    Its obvious that the one accused is going to say he is innocent, whether thats true or not. With the information you provide in this video there is no way you can come to a conclusion.

  • jay blair

    Hello Dan , Did you get my letter with the $100.00 donation ? ADNAN SAKLI 8216 & 8217 . Adnan backed Trump , but is he still alive ? What do you think ?

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