Humboldt Tragedy Invokes SJW Trash, CBC Thinks You’re Dumb on Climate Change & 911 Truth vs Google!

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A tragic bus crash carrying a Canadian junior hockey team has killed 15 people on board uniting the country in solidarity. But leave it to the SJW’s to try and invoke equality through tragedy by bringing up the deceased’s privilege with gender and race. Meanwhile one third of all Canadians are rejecting the idea that climate change is man made, so what’s Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission’s chair Chris Ragan have to say about that?…Why they’re just dumb, uneducated and in need of more propaganda of course. Plus two prominent 911 truthers and a retired Toronto police detective are suing Google for privacy violations! In this video Dan Dicks breaks all this down in another instalment of What You Need To Know!


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  • Laura Pa

    That’s 1 MILLION, 170 THOUSAND per CHILD (no dependents, no wives, no BILLS) It’s EXTREMELY immoral for their families to “get rich” over the death of their child. Let’s see now if they will HELP OTHERS.

  • Master Embalmer

    government exists to serve the people. the people do not exist to serve government. sure doesn’t seem like it though…does it?

  • alchemist1399

    That woman has a point. Your anger shows your guilt. The blondness DOES matter. Why not raise money to help Libya, which Canada wrongly helped to destroy?

  • TheCrewChief

    Wait??? What about the folk’s from the United States, that I am sure who are giving to the GoFundMe account for the Humboldt Bronco’s and their families?

    Besides, there are hockey fans in the United States. Moreover, even if someone from the United States, doesn’t follow hockey, that doesn’t mean we don’t care for those young men, and their families!

    Needless, to say, their are those of us in the United States, who still care about people, when they go through something such as those in Humboldt, Saskatchewan are going through now!

  • Randy Coolbaugh

    I’m almost 50 years old. I live in upstate NY. winters are not the same as they were in the 70’s and 80’s. Is our climate changing? I believe it is. why is it changing and why so rapidly? I really don’t know. Is it the activity of humans contributing? I believe its contributing. Will people admit to it, not likely. humans are way too greedy.

  • Geoff Thomson

    LOL You are, Love your work. NOW do your research & answer THIS, YOU have achieved what many aussie lawyers have tried to do.Learn History, Why is Trump NOT Supporting TRUE LAW & NOT Freeing Americans from SLAVERY ? World Military, Court Clerks, Judges & Lawyers Time the Military Advise TRUMP, To JOIN with REAL LAW of the Land !!! Instead of this Admiralty Law, of the SEA. MUST WATCH

  • Bob Shaw

    Butts says that 2/3 of Canadians are Nazi’s. Fuck Off Liberals, NDP, Green and Conservatives. They are all fucking liars.

  • Bob Shaw

    Speaking of the Shit Pile Company Google, which is a Puppet of the NWO, If I am not mistaken, Google lobbied the Harper government 4 times over 8 years. When Trudeau [PUKE] became the Puppet Prime minister, Google lobbied Trudeau 17 times in his first year. Google works for the Government and censors people accordingly. I am proof of this as well.

  • Alberto C

    Thanks Dan. Great job.
    If anyone feels like doing something towards 9/11 awareness, please check us out at our Facebook group “I Am The Face of Truth”. There’s nothing as simple and powerful as adding a profile banner to spread the word. We’re running out of time so get moving and let’s kick ass!

  • Mark Lawson

    Good on you to correct yourself free speech is free speech, People like that will defeat themselves. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • bertssteelers

    I really hope they win and forward their winnings into more truth . 9/11 is when government stoped working for the people and started working for the elite

  • steve thomas

    “Hey Canadians!! You are a Responsible for causing climate change! “All the while while we get sprayed into oblivion with Aluminum,Barium and strontium almost every day.

    Where are you at with what they’re putting in our sky soil and water etc. Dan?

  • blackflag mcc

    meme this bro….”I don’t have to be a Doctor to understand medicine, I don’t have to be a Scientist to understand science and I don’t have to be a Boxer to knock you the fuck out!”……how do ya like them apples lol.

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