The Canadian Government Is Terrified About What Cannabis Will Do To Their Pal Big Pharma!

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When it comes to the cannabis plant there is certainly a lot fear uncertainty and doubt being pushed by the mainstream media by request of the Canadian government. They are terrified about what it will do to their relationship with the big pharmaceutical companies who have been working hand in hand with for a vert long time! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms about what the government has in store when in comes to “legalization”, how it will effect big pharma and more importantly what you can do about it!

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  • fratcal

    Big Pharma loves it when you get addicted to Oxycontin and Fentanyl when that happens they got you by the balls until they cut your prescription off and you’re still addicted and you move to snorting heroin and then shooting it and then after big Pharma is done with you since you moved to street drugs then the private prison sector gets ahold of you for many years to possibly life its nuts

  • Ken W

    You should do one on the lawyer that was tried for attacking a family with a baseball bat. It seems that he was delusional due to the medications that he was on. It was marijuana. I may not have all of the facts correct but it would be interesting to get a deeper view and see how it aligns with the proposed legalization of marijuana.

  • Grace Pursey

    Once THEY legalize it….THEY will tamper with it anyway…probably fill it with all kinds of “wonderful” additives and poisons THEY know all about. I am NOT looking forward to legalization.

  • Ben Hansen

    I watched an inlaw with cancer live an ok existence while using an oil product. She quit, thought something better would work and quit the oil. She digressed quite quickly and died about a year later.
    Let agriculture canada run the pot business like the rest of the farm community. Guarantee quality and regulate production for optimum market sales. Get many more taxes collected that way as well.

  • Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel

    Smoking weed helped me get off the perks after a bad injury, besides that it just makes you temporally stupid and lazy!

  • Press For Truth

    The Truth will set us free, we just need to shine that light and the cockroaches will scatter back into the darkness! If you appreciated our efforts please consider donating at the following link Thank you to anyone who makes a contribution we can’t do this without you!

  • John919

    The wickedness in High places always strives to convince the populace that what they are doing in for the Good of the people. History proves that so many time’s… Jesus called them wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • Adam Smith

    i know two men who are over 50yrs old with bad back pain and were given percocet.They both could not shake their dependence on the pain meds until they tried weed. Both men are off their pain meds now!

  • The Fanch

    Big Pharma as well as every sector in Big Industry and the politician lapdogs involved in this Big Lie, are terrified that people will use cannabis/ hemp to produce thousands of various highly ecological items, from medicine to food, from pains to cars!

  • ppsvandijk

    In the Netherlands cannabis through breeding improvement became a hard drug, proven to cause schizophrenia.
    So be carefull using it. But “pharmakeia” (=wizardry in Greek!) is more dangerous, even forbidden in the bible.


    Big Pharma is scared, losing control of their monopoly . The public is awakening .
    Big Pharma purposefully hides the truth of Disease curing treatments to hold people captive to feel good drugs just for profit.

  • Vie Vie

    actually we see more and more articles on big pharma patenting both CBD and THC molecules(claiming them as a cure for cancer), and Bayer who is currently in process of acquiring Monsanto is the key beneficiary. This precious herb is being raped on all levels. Independent organic conscientious growers will be criminalized and the real medicine, replaced by synthetic poison, where billions will be made, even on the stock market. Remember every drug approved for the market, costs one billion dollars and MUST induce at least 300 secondary conditions.

  • Amy Rowbear

    Proper education would be a good starting point for places like Grassroots Medicinal to prove cannabis isn’t just a party drug. I had to wade through many haze filled message boards to find the little nuggets that helped me optimize my own intake. Even in my own doctors office I had conversations with two patients who weren’t using the right strains of cannabis and as result were having poor outcomes and becoming very disenfranchised with cannabis as a medicine.

  • Alltilt

    Ban public marijuana consumption. But for sure open more safe injection sites ? so progressive our politicians really have a finger on the pulse.

  • Theresa Smith

    It doesn’t cure cancer ! My son died from cancer . He used over and above the weed. You should be quoting “It helps to cope and be stoned out of your mind that your dying . Just like alcohol is used by many to cope with depression . It alters your mind and then you could end up with ulcers and liver damage .

  • Eagle Vision

    The Synagogue of Satan wants to enslave the globe with debt. If cannabis growers make money healing people it makes Big Pharma corporations run by Satan’s kids loose their grip. The Weed World Order WWO will ruin the NWO.
    Tommy Chong said” Ya man, weed is a gateway drug and that gate swings both ways, man.”

  • Dre Belanski

    All utilities, Medicine and so on should all be a non profit bushiness. Period, Anything else just breeds corruption

  • Klipkultur

    Marijuana has no link to opiods first and Big Pharma ALREADY has his hands on BIG POT. Don’t react to news that only look for hits. BIG PHARMA & BIG BANK are already making the BIG PROFIT right now. I’ve been getting my weed through Post Canada for a year now and nothing will change this summer.

  • bushy240

    I’ve been prescribed opiates for 15yrs and med mj for 9 mos, since then, I’ve significantly lowered the pain meds with the end goal of completely eliminating pain meds. My Doctor says med mj is “less harmful” than opiod meds, he recommends that I use a vaporizer. So, mj is still harmful!

  • mary thomson

    The weed plant is a good thing all way round. Making clothes , rope building materials, it goes on and on. Back in the 20’s etc it was all the powerful families ( we know who you are) that by any means could not afford to have this all purpose plant become such a staple for so many industries.
    There should be acres of this plant growing around the world you can take out the thc so nobody would be lighting up the side of a building to party ha ha. So many uses so many small minds.

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