This Is NOT GOOD! Trudeau Announces Plan To “SAFEGUARD” Election From “Fake News”!

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is taking drastic measures to secure his fate as prime minister in this years federal election by creating a Taskforce to deal with so called fake news while he’s on the campaign trail. The Trudeau government announced the “critical election incident protocol” on Wednesday as part of a series of new measures aimed at ensuring a so called fair election on Oct. 21, free from malign foreign interference. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the measures in the new protocol that seeks to deal with the rise of the alternative media by wiping out their competition from the internet all together and by appointed the government approved MSM as the authorities on information.

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About The Author


  • Press For Truth

    I released “The Trudeau Deception” in 2015 long before he was (s)elected and it got over 1,000 downvotes at the time because people were delusional under his spell! That said, I’m glad to see Canadians are finally starting to wake up to just how bad he is now in 2019 before this next (s)election…And I’ll keep exposing him and his counterparts all along the way 😉
    If you appreciate my efforts and would like to support my work please consider making a donation or becoming a PFT member or a PFT patron:
    DONATE ➜

  • IM 928

    The reporting of the US’s illegal coup attempt to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela, and supported by Canada, would be considered ‘fake news’… let that sink in!
    Any country that seeks to illegally destabilize and overthrow another, doesn’t care about democracy.

  • Lara Croft

    Turd is DONE. There s no plan to save him. The only justice for this pos would be jail sentence. Bye bye Trudeau u globalist traitorous POS.

  • Momzilla

    He won’t be getting my Vote!
    Last night CBC News covered a rather large segment on the Public Announcement, then the female commentator proceeded to explain their interpretation of the FAKE NEWS etc.

  • judges69

    He is going to shut your channel down and many others, we are screwed. The sheep will vote this scumbag in again. Canada is a shit hole all ready

  • Leaky Weeks

    These tactics didn’t work for HRC and they won’t work for T either. Canadians tolerate social democracies until it affects them and Trudeau has touch most of us, inappropriately and will be dealt with Appropriately !

  • Cam Alft

    odd isnt it,that just about the time Trump exposes all the MSM as fake news,and that alt news was actually for the most part,reality and real news,and now the United States is battling fake news and now Canada is telling its own tale of fake news….hmmm…..wonder why?you think maybe Canada has the very same problem as us,and so so amny other country’s pushing fake news!and now they are doing the same thing the liberals did here,rig elections themselves and blame others,all while they are the guilty party and are putting out fake news everywhere,like ours with all the fake news on hillary being the winner…they had her the winner by a landslide the whole time,and now we know she was behind the whole thing with bernie and the dossier was her idea and all the fake news around it!so when it was exposed that all the votes came from dead people and illegals,she lost everything to Trump,and when they knew it to be true she rigged the election and then she had lost,the media went crazy because of all the fake news,the lies the MSM were telling everyone ahead of time saying there is no way Trump can win because he is so far behind,but it was the other way around,all the fake amounts of people attending her speeches and her interviews were all faked by our MSM,Trump found this out and used it against the very people who went after the election,which CNN was at the helm of the whole thing!!so now Canada has the same problem and this is the liberals way of cutting off the whole story of the medias fraud,so that way they can do with trudeau as they did with hillary,fake everything and get the politicians they dont want in the election to win!wake up people this is why they are censoring the internet!so they can put out the fake news,push for the liberals to win all while the other party’s cant even speak to each other or pass along the truth about what is really going on!you guys need to set up some other way to keep the real news moving,as we have here in the states!!!do it now and get ahead of their lies,because they are going to roll it out and try to catch you all off guard,this is the very thing we are looking out for with our 2020 election,most of it is all in place but there are a few things to do yet!
    dontr let the fake news media win at their end,fraud will be rampant there….good luck!!

  • edward mullen

    I am a Canadian and I disagree with this government and it’s bullshit. I want informed or disinformed so I can find the real truth right or wrong. These people in Gov. Could care less about you and me, or our welfare just because I am not wealthy or able to work anymore does not mean that I don’t exist or am unable to think critically on important issues

  • pina C

    this s.o.b.has to be stopped.. Why in the world can’t people see what in the hell this pocket prick is doing.. pissed off doesn’t even cut how I feel. hatred… that is what I feel contempt for that imbecile, enough with the 2 sides of the mouth you speak with.

  • TotallyBuckRogered

    Sheesh, when politicians Tweet, they ALL use the same talking points. Makes me wonder if they’ve ever had an original thought in their entire parsitical lives?

  • Darth Bane

    Trudeau is the biggest threat we face, he is a treasonous bastard and should be swinging from the gallows like all traitors before him

  • D

    Soooo when folks learn which of their elected officials are pedophiles, it will be blamed on Russian bots or teenagers in their mom’s basements

  • Wallace Brown

    So much for freedom of speech. I hope Canadians remember what an ass clown our PM is and vote is party out by a land slide. I personally am not a fan of any of the parties but honestly anyone would be a better option than what we have now.

  • Lee 64

    Right through homeless and hungry and freezing to death where is that 57 million coming from not Trudeas or any politicians pocket

  • Hammer of Lars

    A simple rule: THE STATE WILL NEVER SAVE YOU FROM THE STATE! These people are not your ‘leaders’ they are your employees!(civil servants) HOW HAVE WE ALL FORGOTTEN THIS?!? The servants have taken over the manor!

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