Entire Country’s Internet Goes Down – What This Could Mean For Us

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent reports of the entire country of Mauritania’s internet going offline following a submarine cable mysteriously breaking.
While no one knows how it happened, it can shine a light on a massive problem within countries like the United States where the electric grid is more than 50 years outdated and can cause a huge problem. Of course the internet can go down anywhere and if the government has control of the strands of wire on the sea floor connecting countries, it can cause some massive issues.
The electric grid in the US is incredibly terrible. We can thank government monopolization of the sector and therefor the utter lack of incentive for innovation and competition.
On the free market, this problem could be a minor one. With alternative marvels across the board on the market we wouldn’t all be stuck on one inefficient outdated government monopolized grid which is actually quite dangerous too in the event of a major solar flare.

We will continue to cover this issue. Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • wayne mcclory

    So if the wires don’t work then how a bout my crap-coin ! Does this mean they can’t steal my crypto or the Fed won’t charge me taxes for my crypto earnings ?

  • voidremoved

    they don’t want to rebuild it. they made it this way on purpose… they did it under the guise of saving money. but the truth is they can just unplug all the power if they want. seems like an evil thing but it can also be potentially good… like if there is an emp attack, some electronics will survive if they are shut off… easier to shut the whole thing down…

  • River City MOVERS

    That’s a very real possibility. Internet going down. if it can happen………………it will. So prepare yourselves for that inevitability.Everything would be destroyed. Back to the old days of rotory dial and physical barter with gold and silver and dollars.

  • mrdave2112

    People pay attention: decentralization means distribution of authority from a centralized authority. Decentralization does not mean the central authority doesn’t exist. As humans there will always be a centralized authority unless you are dreaming. The United States has a decentralized system of government: federal, state, and local. The federal government is the central authority which distributes some authority to state and local levels. Do you still like decentralization? Freedom and decentralization are dichotomous. They are opposite. And forget about satellites; some people still believe we went to the moon. People believe what they will.

  • Joeking haha

    if we lost internet everyone would have to rely on MSM for info on WW3 that’s about to start, Very Bad.If internet goes out I encourage everyone to get to their bug out areas. It will mean something BIG is going down

  • 4Guess

    I’m not sure about Manitoba but in ontario we have many choices for internet providers. from big shitty guys like bell and cogeco. but there are also small companies like distributel and primus among others.

  • Symbolic Living

    I’m curious to see how people as a while will react to Facebook’s problems, as it can give a sign of how a corporate monopoly operates in a free market. Would leaders of corporations make better decisions than government leaders.

  • MrFlyingaddict

    If 100,000 of you showed up in Vancouver and protested, like this……things would change. The more that show up for a fight….they CANNOT ignore you. GET OUT AND FIGHT!!!!

  • Moira Egan

    One of your best gentlemen! Thank you!
    What we call ‘decentralization’ used to be called ‘subsidiarity’ which meant that most decisions were made at the family level. Where a community was affected, the decisions were made on the local level and so on up. The result of changing from that has meant that we are what a commenter on another channel described as ‘slavery with benefits’.

  • Marvin Double

    HAM radio is old technology but for communications in a grid down situation it works because it does not rely on wired networks. HAMS can operate using solar power or potable generators. HAM’s are also working on new innovative technologies which can provide fully decentralised networks locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • Charles H

    If you’re talking about the actual internet INTERNET – then everything will come to a screeching halt. No gas stations will be able to deliver/sell fuel, no stores will be able to sell groceries or restock their shelves, no banks or ATM will be able to function, no red lights on highways will function, no power stations (even coal fired and nuclear) would function. Our entire life as we know it would STOP in it’s place.

  • squeegeedee

    Privatization will solve nothing unless anti-trust /anti monopoly laws are enforced.
    The mega-corporations will always buy out or just eliminate competition, so everyone gets stuck with bad service, no choices and high prices.

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